Quickie Post

Hola! I don’t have very much time (do I ever?) so I’m just gonna get right to it.

Workouts have been great…yesterday was back and hamstrings. Awesome stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ I did cardio afterwards: 15% incline, 3.3mph for 32 minutes, and then brought the speed to 1.2mph and did lunges for 15 minutes. Good stuff i tell ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today was boxing. My quads were feeling a bit tight this morning, and the sprints we did in boxing did not help. In fact, my right quad tightened up REALLY bad afterwards, and i was continually stretching and rolling it out as much as I could before training. I got to training#1 and we did some light band work on my upper body. Afterwards, Iย went to trainer #2 at the other gym. Today was shoulders and chest. Tough workout!! I mentioned my quad to trainer #2, and he marched me right into his office that he shares with a physical therapist. Carl rolled my quad out for me and OH.MY.GOSH pain like no other. I know rolling out muscles hurts and I was prepared, but let me just tell you, I think the hulk was rolling my quad out. It was totally unbearable and my trainer had to hold me down from squirming haha no joke! I know with that kind of thing you just have to grin and bear, but I was far from grinning. One of the ladies joked that the only thing to compare it to was child birth. Awesome, never having kids. (totally kidding)

I took a test, worked and now I’m getting ready for conditioning tonight. I will NOT be doing any of the leg work that they do tonight, just the boxing and upper body work. Tomorrow is leg day at the gym and I want my quad to be nice and rested and ready to go.

Good night all ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Quickie Post

  1. I may have asked you this before but how many hours a day do you workout? Just from reading this post it seemed like 4+ hours! Dang.

    I mean this in the most supportive way possible because I have always been a fan of yours, but do you ever wonder if you would see MORE gains if you scaled back your workouts? It seems like your body never has time to heal and all the extra cardio might be eating away your muscle?

    I mean your figure definitely looks better than mine so I guess I am no one to question what works for you…just thinking out loud I guess.


    • fitlizzio says:

      Therese- Yes, I am totally guilty of overtraining, and totally lost muscle from overtraining this past summer. I scaled back quite a bit over the last month. I really cut down on cardio and gained a good amount of muscle. This was the first week that my workouts have been “crazy” like I used to do and I definitely do NOT planning on doing this every week. I just kind of get in my zone sometimes and yeah..end up overtraining. I REALLy appreciate you bringing it up though because it is actually a struggle for me and it helps to be reminded to just SLOWWWW it down lol. It is something I will be working on indefinitely! I just get really pumped up to work out and sometimes forget that more is NOT always better. I plan on doing a post about over-training because it truly is something that ends up holding people back, rather than pushing them forward. Thanks again chica ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. You are a beast! (In a very good way haha) I love all the fun little exercises you do that I would have never thought of like lunges on the treadmill? Crazy! Keep up the good work you are going to rock your next show!!


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