Ahh..Big gulps! Well, See ya later!

Any other Dumb & Dumber fans out there?!

I am a total Jim Carrey fan: Dumb & Dumber, Liar Liar, Ace Ventura(both of them), and all of his other movies. His latest one, Yes Man! was really funny as well. I know he kind of got a little serious in some of his more recent movies, but this was the old Jim Carrey back in action.

ANYWAYS, done rambling about movies 🙂

Nutrition/Food is going REALLY well. I just really came to terms with my mind/body connection and I feel really great. It feels good to feel good. 🙂

On the workout front, holyyyy cow. I definitely had a “crazy Lizzy” workout week. The kind where I’m probably doing too much, but I just am loving every second of it that I don’t want to pull back at all. However, I WILL a little bit. Sunday is going to be a total rest day for me.(I may hike in the morning, but I’m not sure yet.)

Recap: (on regular sets it was 3 sets of 10,12,15; “light” work was 15,20,25 reps)

Monday- Back, light hamstrings, light biceps + 30 min. incline walking +15 min. elliptical

Tuesday- Boxing + Shoulders, Light Chest, Abs + Boxing Conditioning at night

Wednesday-Holy Leg Day(this was the one filled with plyos and heavy work) + Funktional workout

Thursday- Boxing + Triceps with Trainer 1 + Back, Light Shoulders with Trainer 2

This brings us to today. I warmed up on the elliptical and then we hit Hamstrings, Glutes, and Light Biceps today. Another awesome workout with the new trainer. I’m officially a fan 🙂 

I didn’t have ONE crappy workout this week. They were all balls to the wall, pushing as hard as I could. Love it 🙂

Tomorrow morning I have bootcamp with the new trainer and all of his girls. I saw them last weekend and it looked really cool! Can’t wait.(Except the fact that it is at 6am on a Saturday) At least it won’t be hot outside!

I also have to give myself a pat on the back for being SUPER productive today and the last few days I guess too. But today, I worked out, ran an errand, cleaned and organized my stuff(most of it was still in boxes from the move..i’m about 85% done!), got my hair done(it was necess i swear!), went grocery shopping, bought a text book, printed my study guides for a test next week, did laundry, and now I am off to clean and organize some more. i am determined to get this done tonight. Then I’m off to bed!

Ah one more thing! I was talking to Trainer Dos today, and he said that this November will probably be my last bikini show and that figure is next up! So exciting 🙂 My “bulking” really did work. I knew it did, but wasn’t sure how noticable it was to the rest of the world. He is the 2nd person to comment on it so I’m a happy girl!! (*Note: I am not trying to get big or bulky, but I was a string bean on stage in July, so I just wanted a little more!)


The little broski and I in Dana Point last year. We are total goofs. He is honestly the funniest kid alive. I will tape him doing his voice impressions sometime, they get any room bursting in tears of laughter. (He has lost about 65 pounds since this picture.)


2 thoughts on “Ahh..Big gulps! Well, See ya later!

  1. EM says:

    Girl you are ROCKING and rolin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heyyyyy

    And really, Dumb & Dumber……….fraekin love it.

    I swear I’m always saying “Ohhh, I was way off; knew it started with an ‘S'” & “HARRRY, What’s HAPPENING!!?!?”


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