Workouts, recording, more workouts.

Hello lovelies!!! 🙂

First off…this was my view on the way to one of the gyms today…..


Yes, the dog is wearing goggles….

Loved seeing your recent compliments 🙂 Keep them coming!! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to share a comment that made your day!

Moving on, yesterday was Shoulders–smashed those puppies. Boxing was also in the mix and then last night I went back to my conditioning class(haven’t been since school started) it was just as hard as I remember. I also ran into an ex-boyfriend there, but that is another story in itself. 

Today: I had a cRAzzyYY leg workout this morning. It was full of heavy leg presses, TONS of plyometrics, and a lot of new things I have never done before(i.e. walking lunges while dragging a bag of weights across the floor) I burned 700 calories in that workout according to my HRM. I have been wearing it for the past few days just to see what my calorie burn is for different things. I wore it all day yesterday (5:45am to 9pm) and burned 2973 calories. Right now it is 7:15 pm and I am at 2583 for the day so far. (this doesn’t count when i’m sleeping either!)

As if this morning’s workout wasn’t enough(i was shaking as i left…this new trainer kicks my ass!) I had a workout at my sponsor’s gym. He had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Lots of core work, lots of running, and lots of atomic pushups. Yes, they are just as hard as they sound. You put your feet in the TRX, do a push up and then a knee tuck. Sets of 21. Annihilation would be an appropriate word. 🙂

 I also had a very productive day today and am in a GREAT mood. It’s good to be back 🙂 Got work done, a study guide finished, another assignment done and went to class where we got to record drums. I love recording school 🙂

Here is a taste of what we do….(taken on my phone so not good quality)



4 thoughts on “Workouts, recording, more workouts.

  1. courtlove111 says:

    AAAAH The TRX! Love/hate that thing!! So many painful things you can do on it!! But always feel like I get a great workout when my trainer busts it out.
    Great job on your workouts! And that dog is hilarious…hope he was strapped in somehow!

    Adventures in Tri-ing


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