It’s the little things..

So I am starting to work out with a new trainer(still have Dae, too, but I like to change things up and do new things too) This guy trains a ton of girls that compete and for what I get, it’s pretty affordable. Training 6 days a week, posing, boot camps, nutrition plan for $300 a month. Now that I don’t have rent, etc. I can do more things like this :):):) Love it!

So anyways, today was my first day with him. We did hamstrings, back and biceps. The back and bicep workout was really good, hamstrings was a 7 on a scale of 1-10. I like to leave the gym unable to walk, but still definitely got a burn going.

This is what made my day today: We were training and there was 1 other girl he was training as well (who I actually used to workout with at my old gym..SO random haha!it was both of our first days!) and as I was doing one of the back exercises he said “Damn you are really strong!”

Okay so maybe putting on some fat wasn’t all that bad!! It had it’s benefits..because I have definitely put on some muscle. Love it! But i’m also ready to shed the fat and be a lean machine again. I am much happier in my skin when I’m lean.

Anyways that was the highlight of my day!

What was a compliment that you received lately that made your day?


9 thoughts on “It’s the little things..

  1. That is the the best way to describe it. “Happier in your own skin when lean.”

    Me too. The strength is cool, but it doesn’t really mean shit to me. I prefer looking the part, not really being it. lol


  2. Dang girl I would kill to have ONE trainer and you have two!

    Umm today this girl posted a link to a Vicoria’s Secret model casting call on my facebook wall. She was like “THERESE you need to try out!” Thanks, but I think I would have to drop like 20 pounds for that…


    • fitlizzio says:

      Yeah I got very lucky with having Dae training me for free. And this new guy isn’t free, but I think he will be very worth the moo-lah I’m shelling out.

      And seriously I have always thought you should get into modeling!! You are gorgeous!


  3. hotrodklp says:

    For us local girls that follow your blog, we would love to hear the details of trainers that you would refer us to, or even the bootcamps that you referenced . I know a lot of girls are always looking for a new trainer or even posing classes. Anyway thanks in advance.


  4. oh wow,what i would do for a trainer right now!!! some days i just wish i had someone plan everything out and yell at me!! LOL!!!!
    and compliment from my childrens pediatrician yesterday—out of the blue,after she gave me the prescription for my daughter…”wow,you are so beautiful,do you model?….”
    even though i graciously said thank you,i feel that i am happier in my own skin and feel better about myself when i am lean……


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