Hey guys! It is WAY past my bed time.

Today I did another bleacher workout with my friend Nicole. It was HARD. Legs were shaking in the middle of it, but we finished!

Here’s the workout:

Repeated 3 times

10 bleachers(Run up, walk down=1)

Single leg step-up jumps=20 per side

Sideways bleacher(left leg lead up, walk down, right leg lead up, walk down)

squat jumps up the bleachers

1 lap around the track


As if that weren’t enough, we finished it up with 300 lunges.

We also met a guy who coaches a ton of girls, and every Saturday they have a boot camp type workout. We might join in next weekend. It looked really cool! They were doing sprints with parachutes and a lot of other random things I have never done. I got excited!!! :):):)

Afterwards I finished moving. 2 hours Wednesday, 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today of straight cleaning and moving crap up and down two flights of stairs. UGH. Remind me NEVER to move EVER AGAIN 🙂

It is done though, and now all I have to do is unpack my 1.6 million boxes/bags that are overflowing in the extra bedroom 🙂

Gotttta love it!

I have 53 days to lose 10 pounds, think I can do it? Anyone wanna make a bet???  I’m serious…throw me a wager 🙂 I am going to weigh in on Friday(gotta make sure any and all water-bloat is gone so this is fair)

So here’s the deal:

I will weigh in every 2 weeks, so :

October 2nd, October 16th,October 30th,  November 13th and final weigh-in will be the day i leave for Las Vegas which is Wednesday November 18th.

I am going to challenge myself further: 15 pounds.

Can I do it?! Wagers people!! I dare you 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bleachers!!

  1. I KNOW you can do it 😀 No more little bites here and there. Cheating is for wusses! Make your workouts count! No slacking or copping out. Oh, I was talking to myself for a second. Lets hold each other accountable!


  2. Ok, I am going to have to do that bleacher workout. We live close enough to the HS I have no excuses.
    PLUS, regular cardio is SO BORING.

    I’m not betting against you. I know you can do it. (the weight)


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