Surprised that nobody offered me any cheese with my WHINE yesterday 🙂

I did exactly what I needed to do today. I drowned in my sorrows(being overdramatic, it wasn’t THAT bad), did NOTHING all day, and thought a lot. I thought about many things, but mostly about pulling myself together and never looking back. It is possible, and it is something I will do. I am sick of letting life’s hiccups bring me down. Sure, they will still have an effect on me, but it isn’t about the problem, it’s about you solve it.

I’m starting fresh tomorrow and I am not going to say that I won’t have any more struggles, because I am sure I will. THe problems that are getting to me today, will still be there tomorrow as well. What I WILL say, is that I am going to focus on handling them in the best way that I can.

That will be my only focus: Handling life in the best way that I possibly can. Everything else will come full circle

In EXERCISE NEWS, since I am sick of leaving you all with downer posts!!

This morning I boxed my heart out, and again my instructor said “It’s amazing what a little energy will do for your power!” Yeah that’s right…I can throw a mean punch these days 🙂 See there IS an upside to all the food I’ve been eating:)

Tomorrow I have a workout down at my sponsor’s gym, and then this weekend will be filled with bleachers, hiking, bi’s and tri’s! Can’t wait 🙂


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