I get e-mails about different promotional events that are going on in my area. Sometimes it is nice to be able to work a day or two at an event for some extra cash.(I’m poor, I need it :))

The other day I got an e-mail about the Camel Tour. The job would be to promote Camel products. Well, me being my stupid self decided to interpret that as “Camelbak” products and I was stoked on the idea! I replied back with an enthusiastic YES. Only to realize just a few minutes ago that they are talking about the CIGARETTE COMPANY.

Lesson learned. And no worries, I will NOT be promoting cancer sticks! I have never touched a cigarette in my life and my grandma and sister on my dad’s side both died from cigarette-related diseases.

Maybe I should still go out there and then just cause a scene, ranting to everyone about why they SHOULD NOT smoke. That’s kind of like community service right?!  😀


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