I went to two different Rosh Hashana dinners this past weekend (Jewish New Year) and everytime someone asked for the Challah bread, my sister and I would yell, “Holla!” Yes, we are big nerds haha.

Workouts have been awesome. I took a day off after that crazy crazy bleacher workout. Monday I was back at it. I did back and abs in the morning and went on a 3 mile run in the afternoon between classes.

Today, I had boxing and it totally WIPED.ME.OUT. It didn’t even seem that hard(it was hard, but not any harder than usual) but afterwards I was gumby. I still had a training appointment though and I did shoulders. They, too, got annhilated.

Things have been going REALLY great for me. I got my head back on straight(i think haha) and have been eating well, going on 8 days now.(Seems pathetic, but it was getting hairy for a while!)

Tomorrow I have a Funk workout, and then I am moving out of my apartment!! I have until Saturday, but going to try to get a lot done this week.

Gotta run, just wanted to check in!


2 thoughts on “Holla!

  1. aaahhh….Challah Bread sounds Delish! my friend Dori (do you know her, from Dori’s Shiny Blog?) made french toast out of left over Challah bread and it looked amazing! um…if you want my address, I’ll give it to you and you can ship me any left over bread. HINT HINT! 🙂

    Glad to hear things are going well for you over there!


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