Early morning!

Ahh it is a fresh, crisp early morning. 🙂 I just wanted to give an update and also say I may not be around for the next few days. My roommate from freshman year in the dorms is visiting me today! I am SO excited, haven’t seen her since she transferred back to Boulder! We were like THIS that year and she is definitely someone I’ll be friends with for life, I’m sure.

My workouts have been AWESOME. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have been going to a different gym lately. I go to my old gym on days I have boxing, but the other days I have been trying out a new one. I LOVE it. I totally zone out because I don’t know anybody and my workouts have been KILLER.(biggest reason I wanted to join a new gym. I love my friends, but my workouts and chatting need to be separate and some people don’t get that.) Secondly, this gym is a total body builders gym, the inspiration is everywhere!

On Tuesday, I boxed and then had a workout at my sponsor’s gym.(I think I told you guys about that). Wednesday, the only thing sore was my back(i’m guessing the 100 pull ups had to do with that? ;-)) so I did shoulders, abs and the beloved stepmill. Got a great workout and then had an EXTREMELY productive day. Food was awesome and for whatever reason I had no appetite for dinner, but ate anyways. I was just shocked that I didn’t have an appetite. I was hungry, but for nothing. SO not like me. I guess all the crap I was eating before caught up to me finally 🙂

Anyways, if I don’t catch up this weekend have a great one, but hopefully I can pop in for a post or two!!


4 thoughts on “Early morning!

  1. Awesome Lizzy!! I know what you mean about the gym environment! It can have such a huge affect on your outcomes and workouts! keep up the good work and enjoy your time with your buddy!


  2. 100 pullups? seriously? geez,one of these days we have GOT to workout together!!!!!!!
    LOL!!! glad to hear your workouts are going so well,keep it up! have a great weekend!

    (oh and btw,i took your advice yesterday-got dressed and went to the gym even when i didnt feel like it,even when i wanted to turn around and go home. i got in 6.5 miles!whoo!!)


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