Thank you everyone

I received some amazing comments from you guys and they were really helpful to me. I took what everyone said to heart and it made a change in my head. Instead of talking about what I should be doing, I’m simply going to do it. I am making this MUCH more difficult than it needs to be.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, but Biggest Loser just started so you know I have to go watch!!! Hehe

Real quick recap of workout today:

Boxing – 1 hour

Workout at sponsor’s gym: 100 reps each of (yes you read that right) pullups, pushups, body weight squats, kettlebell swings, cobras, situps, hamstring curls on swiss ball, dips, jump ropes, and step ups.

And yes, I am dead now haha.

Thanks again everyone, you are all WONDERFUL amazing people. I am always here if YOU ALL ever need ANYTHING πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Thank you everyone

  1. Hello!..I have been reading your blog for a while now. You are so inspiring! I think you have an amazing attitude. You are so realistic about fitness, and you look amazing! I have my own fitnessblog, but it’s very private. I will add you if you want.. I haven’t written for bit, but going to start up again. I have worked out for a year, and I got down to 21% body fat, and then back in June (when I got married), I let it all go down hill, and I gained back 20 pounds. I am struggling to get back on the wagon, but honestly reading your blog is helping me get inspired to get back into fitness! My blog is


  2. Oh Becca…. I don’t know how to subscribe to a non-Blogger blog so I haven’t been getting your updates! Silly me.

    I read your previous post and… BIG HUG. It is so hard to go through that– I have been through it myself not too long ago. But you know what? You probably know this already, but I thought it might be helpful hearing from someone who been through your same experience: you WILL get out of it, and you WILL find yourself in a much, much better place. And you will look back on these times and be thankful for the experience but even more thankful to have had the strength to pull yourself back up. An inch at a time πŸ˜‰


  3. I wondered where you went!! Great, now there is another Becca. How am I going to let you know which Becca I am? LOl…

    So you made the switch to wordpress huh? Traitor.


    • fitlizzio says:

      haha tell me about it i was so confused at first when I saw becca because I thought it was you. and i switched to wordpress so i could do the cross out word thing(no joke, i am that big of a loser) and then april brought to my attention that i can do that on blogger HAHA oops πŸ™‚


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