Labor-less Day

Morning blogggies! Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend so far!

Mine has been pretty good! Friday night I went to the casino, if you remember. I came away with $40 bucks 🙂 Not too shabby for not even betting my own money 😀

Afterwards, I went out to Oldtown with my friend Nina, and got home around 1:30am. I crashed in bed.

Saturday, I got in a good ab workout and some cardio, and then got home and showered to meet a friend at the OCB show. A few of my friends were competing and I was also promoting Funktional Fitness there. My friend/posing coach/amazing mentor Tiffani, who was competing, placed 1st in figure, 1st in fitness model and also received the Best poser award!! Laura placed well in her classes as well and it was an overall really fun event. OCB runs their shows quite a bit differently than I am used to, so I am glad I got to see it first hand. I feel like I could have done pretty well at this show, had I decided to compete, but I am still glad that I didn’t. I feel so good lately. Sleeping through the night rocks 🙂

Sunday I went up to Prescott with my dad. He has a cabin in the area, and I’ve grown up going there multiple weekends out of the year. Since we are all grown up now, I don’t get up there as often as I like. I wish I had pictures to show because it was GORGEOUS up there. It had rained on Saturday, so the air was fresh, breezy and crisp. We started out at the farmer’s/flea market where I got some beautiful red bell peppers, and 5 pounds of apples for 3 DOLLARS–yes please 🙂 They were sweet and delicious! We then ended up meeting a good family friend for breakfast. Afterwards, my dad and I walked around the city, since there were some events going on, and ultimately headed back to the cabin. We just relaxed on the deck, reading and enjoying the beautiful 85 degree weather.(Much cooler than the 100 degree weather we deal with in Phoenix.) The best part is that it is only an hour drive from Phoenix.

Note to self: Get up there more often!

Came home and did laundry, cooked up some chick-a-dees, prepared meals for today, and did the dishes. I also cleaned up my room a little bit. Very productive!

A lot little too much snacking on kettle corn may have gone down, but I am still 11 weeks out. I will allow myself a little extra snackies here and there this week, for sanity purposes of course 😉 10 weeks out (Friday, September 11th)I will begin my prep. Right now, I am basically eating contest prep diet, but not fretting about eating an apple, or a little extra sumpin sumpin, ya know?! I am going to take measurements every two weeks and will post them for you to see. First measurements will come this Friday!

Today, I’m headed to the gym for some leg ac-shee-own(action;-)). Not sure how the rest of my day will play out but I think I might go hang out with the sister since she’s off today. Maybe do a little shoppy shoppy?! (Hey, I’ve got an extra $40 to spend right?!)

Quote for the day: 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


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