So i’m not sure exactly what is going on with my body. I don’t know if it is just me, but I really don’t think it is. My clothes are fitting tighter and I look like I’ve gained a few pounds.

What is weird, is that I’m not eating badly(actually eating pretty well, calories and carbs are more than i’ve been used to lately though), but I feel as though I look like I’m gaining weight by the day. My “carb face” will not disappear, and I’m just pretty confused. Anyone ever had this happen?

The positive side of this is that I’m not freaking out. Normally, I would try to restrict my food like crazy and freak out that I’m getting “fat”, but right now, I understand that my body has been through a lot in the past few months and it is probably just reorganizing itself and getting back into a better working order.

I was overtraining, restricting calories, not sleeping, eating low carbs, its no wonder my body is going nuts. My focus right now is on giving my body what it wants. I am eating about maintenance. Some days a little over and some days a little under, depending on how I feel. Mentally I am in a great place. I am also in a great place, because I have a plan on when my contest prep will start again.

I am going to give myself 8 weeks to lean out. I am trying to maintain my weight that I’m at right now (probably around 133-135?) I would like to be about 120 for the November show, so that works out about right for a 2 pound a week loss, which may or may not happen, but I am being sure not to be super restrictive right now so that mentally I feel awesome going into contest prep. It is definitely hard to see my body less lean than i’ve been used to, but I know that i still am in great shape and still look good. I have never felt so positive about my body while gaining weight lol and it is a really great feeling.

Anyways, anyone that has any experience with this kind of thing after contest prep, let me know. Like I said, i’m not eating donuts and pizza, i’m eating clean with a little cereal here and there and more fruit than I’m used to, as well as more carbs in general(oatmeal, etc.) Will this go away? am i a big freak of nature? Let me know!! Thank you guys!!!

(the hardest part of this for me is the carb face thing! I feel like my face looks so fat. :-()


4 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Genie says:

    I think your body just needs to find that balance again, and it will take a little bit of time… hopefully not too much longer. 😉 You were "starving" it for so long that now it's just trying to hold on to every little extra bit it gets. Soon enough it will realize that it doesn't have to, that you will feed it.


  2. fittingbackin says:

    I'm sorry it's been challenging for you lately – but I agree with the girls – sounds like you have a great attitude and I agree with you – sounds like your body is just figuring itself out. Hang in there and stay on it – just like you're doing. 🙂


  3. Melissa Cunningham says:

    ok,catching up on blogs here! have to agree with everyone else here-your body is trying to adjust itself again,and once it does,you will satrt to feel better. and it always seems that those who are hypercritical of themselves notice the post show weight gain even when everyone else doesnt. it is very hard sometimes to look in the mirror and "see" those 3-5lbs everywhere!!! and its hard to take especially if you have been in contest prep for a while,and being used to seeing yourself lean for so long….
    BUT it does sound like you have a GREAT attitude about it all,and i am very proud of you for that. i know i always freak out after those 3-5lbs creep back on after a show. always. never gets easier on me,LOL!! but i admire your outlook and attitude so much,keep the positive vibes going and keep on doing what your doing!!!


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