MUCH better

Okay, feeling SO much better. I pulled my head out of my ass, and feel good again. 🙂

Another part of that is I also got a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I talked to my posing coach today and we decided that I should NOT do OCB on September 5th. My body and mind are telling me to TAKE A BREAK from comp. prep. i know this and so does she. Instead, this is my plan.

November 20-21, Las Vegas, Fitness America Weekend. This is a HUGE show, guys. 400-500 athletes. So, for now I am going to keep eating clean and healthy, but not be so super restrictive. I will be meeting with my posing coach(Tiffani Bachus..3rd place at Fitness America last year! Look her up!) every couple of weeks and we will decide when I should start my leaning out. If i stay at this weight(which I plan to) we are guessing probably 4-6 weeks out.

As far as training goes, you all know that I have been revving my engine. Although I don’t often say it on here, I KNOW i over train. Weight training to cardio ratio is definitely not how it should be. I have noticed my muscles wasting away in my arms. 1 hour of weight training to 2 hours of cardio a day will do that to ya. Add being on a comp. prep diet, and say goodbye to those muskulls.

The new plan is to cut WAY back on cardio. Will still do my 5 day split of weight training, I change it up all the time, but make sure to hit each muscle group at least once a week, twice sometimes too. The cardio will be cut back to more like a half hour a day. Some days it will be steady state, but there will be much more HIIT going down in my world. That was a decision that I made based off of my trainer at Funktional Fitness. He is a smart guy and gave me his input. Get ready to see a little more muscle on this chica 🙂

By the way, I am one lucky gal. I have so many people helping me out. A year ago, I didn’t have this support system, but I started to put myself out there, ask questions, take people up on their offers, etc.

For those of you who are wanting to compete, put yourself out there. ASK questions, be OPEN to suggestions. I have learned SO much from reading through articles, research, and books, blogs, but doesn’t replace LISTENING to what others who have competed, or have a serious background in fitness and health have to say. I can’t tell you how much advice and training I get for FREE just because I ask. The free training that I get from my trainer Dae, came from him seeing me work my ass off in the gym and wanting to help me out. The free training I get at Funktional Fitness came from me sending him an e-mail about what I am doing. The free training I get from my boxing instructor came from consistenly going to his class and being open to what he had to say. Many times, trainers at smaller studios will do trade with you. Do you have a business or some way to hook them up? You hook them up, they will probably hook you up too. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of stupid people out there claiming to be trainers, nutritionists, experts, etc. I can tell you that I wouldn’t hire half of the personal trainers at most gyms. A lot of them don’t know what they are talking about and have little to no experience. This is where it becomes SO important to ask questions. Ask them about certifications, training, philosophy, etc. You may not know what they are talking about, but you can always research it. Ask to speak to previous and/or current clients. There are MANY good trainers out there, but you just have to find them. (Kind of like men :))

I also suggest changing it up. If you have been with the same trainer for 6 or more months, I know we often get attached to that person, but try to mix it up with a new trainer. Not all trainers are created equally and I have yet to meet two trainers who do things the exact same way. (I’m really starting to sound like I’m giving dating advice huh?)

Anyways, just some tips that I wanted to share, and let you know what is going on with me. I feel awesome, ready to kick butt in the weight room, eat my healthy foods, eat a little fruit for god sakes 🙂 I feel good and just wait until November. I am going to knock everyone’s socks off!
(I maybe haven’t run a marathon yet, but I can definitely WRITE a marathon. Sheesh sorry!)


One thought on “MUCH better

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    so good to hear you are taking a "mini" break before you compete again! (even though i know your "breaks" are just like mine-lol!)
    you are very smart in listening to your body that way-i wish i would have done the same with my last show,but well, im the crazy head who overtrains an overtained body–go figure.
    anyways,loved the post,love your viewpoint bc it is so true!!
    now,go enjoy some friut and less cardio…..
    as for me,i will be doing enough cardio for the both of us…..i got your back!


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