School has begun!

Ahh, so much to say and so little time to post! Let me fill you in on what’s been going on.

I took Sunday off from exercise AND dieting and pigged my ass off 🙂 I also compared pictures from this competition and my July 18th competition. Well, I was right when I told my friend George that I thought I had taken a few too many cheats in between last competition and this one. My legs were not as lean this time around. It motivated me to get my ass back in gear!

The reason so many “cheats” were had was because I wasn’t prepared, and I also lost some flame. I had been working so hard and dieting so hard that I just wanted a break. Trying to take a break while preparing for a contest=no-can-do captain. I lived, and learned. I didn’t gain that much weight by any means, but I noticed it in the pictures. I don’t know how much can be taken off before my Sept. 5th show, but there will be no more cheats. I was doing fine the last 2 weeks before the FAP, but it was the 2 weeks that followed the NPC show that really did me in. Moving on…

I believe I am going to be doing the Fitness America Weekend 2009 in Las Vegas in November! A bunch of the girls that I competed with this past weekend are doing it, and I think it will be a fun time. It also will give me the chance to REALLY get my body in shape. This show is 300-400 athletes and some BIG NAMES will be there. I will have about 3 months from the Sept. 5th show to get ready for it. I plan on taking the week off after sept. 5th(off as in, not strict dieting…clean eating stays though for the most part..i’ll still be working out…i love working out..taking a break would be like punishment) Then I will start dieting 10 weeks out. I want to have a nice 6 pack going into this show, as it seems that is what FAP really likes. A great set of abs. I am going to show them just that!!

School started yesterday so I am extra busy. Sorry if I am not blogging as much, but I’m still reading and will try to blog and comment as often as possible. Thanks for sticking with me guys! You are awesome!


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