Well, 5th place.

Not too happy with it, but at the same time, the judges were all photographers and fashion model people, so they really didn’t know fitness. The promoter was explaining to them what they should look for in each category..umm shouldn’t they know? But its okay. i got more experience being on stage and got some GREAT feedback from my posing coaches. one of my coaches, tiffani bachus, who won 2nd or 3rd place at fitness universe(she was in the runnings with lindsay messina and other top dogs!) told me that her and the other coach had a long talk about me and that they really think i can take this far and do well in it, so she wants to work with me more. So that was awesome!

All in all, wasn’t a fan of this show/organization and it was a VERY small show. Was expecting a lot of people, there were 35 competitors total.(180 at the NPC show i competed in)

Anyways live and learn. Now eating my oats with peanut butter and banana that ive wanted all week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “verdict

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    congrats on making top 5!! and for the positive feedback from the coaches!!! dont worry about your placing,after all,this is a very SUBJECTIVE sport-in my personal opinion i DO think you have tremendous potential to make it to the top!!!! just keep plugging away and remeber that great success does not happen overnight! my first (and only ) experience with FAP wasnt that great,i placed 9th out of 10 gals and in my head i had me at 4 or 5th-had NO CLUE what judges wanted-

    ahh well, even though you didnt get the place you wanted,at least you gained more stage experience and more knowledge about contest know as well as everyone else,that it will only get better from here!
    now have a GOOD meal,stay the course on your nutrition and please please please REST today and no "active" rest,i mean just sleep today and pick up hard core on MONDAY. 6 more days until your next peak week-you got this!!!
    cant wait to see some pictures btw!!!


  2. Michelle says:

    The Top 5 is FANTASTIC! I'm sorry you didn't get the place you wanted, but it sounds like the judges didn't really judge correctly. I'm proud of your effort, dedication and drive!!

    Enjoy your banana, oats and PB!


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