Good spirits

I didn’t mean to come off so negatively last night in my post. I really did have a wonderful time. I was with 9 girls who i have practiced posing with for the last few months and it was wonderful to see them all get on stage as well. We all had a blast. There were definitely some drawbacks with the show/promoter, but I learned a LOT from this show. I actually feel more confident than I did after the NPC show. It made me realize many things and I have a TON of drive inside of me.

One part of the show that was not typical was that they interviewed each of us on stage. Most of the girls stammered a little bit, and I figured I would too. When it came my turn, I just decided I wanted to have fun with it and when he asked me about my hard rock/ heavy metal music choices, I just decided to be playful and joke around with him. He and the audience got a good laugh and it helped me to open up. My personality is full of sarcasm and that came through on stage with that.

Any and every experience, good or bad, on stage is HELPFUL. More experience with things that don’t go as well as you hope makes you a better and stronger competitor. I am actually very pleased with everything. Now that I have had time to sleep on it, I just realized that this has given me even MORE of a reason to work harder. Not only harder, but smarter. There were only 6 people in my class, but it was a tough class and although I would have placed myself 3rd or 4th, I am happy with my 5th place. It gives me plenty of room for improvement.

I can’t WAIT for OCB in 2 weeks(sept. 5th)

Things I plan to improve for the future(EXCITED to work towards these goals):
Gotta get these abs more defined! πŸ™‚
Lean out a bit more
Get a new suit, get more creative with my outfits
Practice my posing and T-walk even more and really let my personality shine on stage

I don’t plan on stopping any time soon and I am also SO thankful for the wonderful people I have met so far. I met so many new friends last night at the show, and so many inspirational people that keep me going.

The future totally excites me. Thank you all for being supportive with me on this journey of life that i’m LOVING πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Good spirits

  1. *Fitcetera* says:

    Congratulations on pursuing your dreams!
    You are DOING IT and that's fantastic and you've got a great attitude about it.
    You look fantastic and healthy and happy.


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