Ready to go!

:-I’m tanned, meals are packed, bag is packed, and now I just wait 🙂

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me this week and the last few weeks. I have been complainier(just made that word up–copyright 2009?hehe) than usual, but I am finally feeling much better. So thank you all again! You have been awesome, and been there for me and I can’t thank you all enough!

It is storming like CRAZY here right now. The lightning cracks have been so loud. Kind of scary 🙂 But I love big storms.

The foods I am bringing with me tomorrow are:
Egg Whites
Sweet Potato

i brought chocolate and juice last time and i don’t know what really helped/didn’t help. This time, I am just going to eat my normal chicken etc. I may or may not dig into the sweet potato. I haven’t had starches in a week and am afraid they might make me bloat?

Anyone with more knowledge, PLEASE let me know your opinion?
Comp. day is so difficult. You either get it right or you don’t…ah!


8 thoughts on “Ready to go!

  1. LizN says:

    You should probably have some carbs tonight and see how you're looking in the morning. I'd probably have 8oz of sweet potato as a starter tonight. Then have two or three dates as well.

    It's hard to give more formal advice because I don't know how lean you are or what other protocols you have been using


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