Peak Week-still moving

Peak week is still moving, however it is moving s.l.o.w.l.y.

It is Thursday, so I’m almost there and will make it through. Yesterday, I wanted to hate everything i saw, everyONE i saw, everyThing in general. Yea, no carbs will do that to you. I was literally mad at the world. Mad that it was only Wednesday, and that I still had 3 more days until my competition. But I got over it, and instead filled my day up with things to do so that the time would pass. I went to posing, left feeling the size of a peanut and not at all confident, went to the dentist, got my tooth drilled, and didn’t mind it because it kept my mind off eating. Went home and ate another meal, headed to the library to get some new books/kill time. My brother is home from rehab, so I went and picked him up from my moms and took him to his NA meeting. Came home and ate another meal and actually wasn’t craving food OR hungry.

I woke up today not feeling that hungry either, but ate my eggs and headed to the gym. I boxed(Steve killed me today, i hated/loved every minute of it. he knows how to push me), did a quick leg workout(only about 12 legs are so dead/done-zo but I know i just gotta push through this week), did an easy 30 minutes on the treadmill. I now have a workout at my sponsor’s gym, which is going to be hell, I’m sure. And doing a boxing conditioning class tonight. The one that literally makes me want to cry, it’s that hard.

This is all rambles, but I don’t have much else to say except…..2 MORE DAYS. I will definitely have a much better post hopefully tomorrow. Today, I’m not feelin it…


4 thoughts on “Peak Week-still moving

  1. jeimayprovy says:

    Keep your head up, you'll make it through. I'm excited for your compeition in 3 days! Woo Hoo! I like how your quick leg work out was 12 sets! I only do 2 of each and I feel like I'm working my ass off. Haha. You definitely just inspired me to push out an extra 2 sets tonight.


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    whoo-hoo! 48 hours and counting! hang in there!!! the non-hungry thing is expected at this point..same way with hating everything.everyone. once friday gets here i think your excitement will come back up–your doing awesome at keeping your mind pre-ocupied! i cant believe the workouts you are getting yourslef into! geez i am always a groggy grumpy person the thursday before a show and i can barely function-it takes all i have just to keep up with my kids!!!lol!
    anyways,you are alomst there,and i am getting so excited for you!!!
    hang in there,time will go by faster than waht you think!!



  3. Genie says:

    My goodness! I think yesterday was Hate the World day… I was right there with ya! LOL!

    Almost there! I can't believe how many workouts you did today! LOL! On no food, practically. What a trooper!


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