And another

These Kabbalah e-mails are rockin lately! Here is today’s:

Sometimes people get impatient because they are not “changing” fast enough. Now, while it’s important to strive to be different, we need to own the place we are starting from. And give it a little love. Owning your journey and “place” in this world is a prerequisite to progress and the positive shift you are looking for.Today, decide that it is a brand new starting point. Use what you got and learn from what has worked for you – but most importantly – don’t see yourself through a version of you that is not there “yet.” Instead, see yourself now – in the moment – and embrace the world with the knowledge of your real power.

I find these to be so motivating and they all seem to hit home with me. I am a very spiritual person and that is why I feel that I relate to Kabbalah so well.

Anyways, peak week has officially begun!! I am actually REALLY excited. Got my carbs in yesterday….plenty of them..lots of them..and now I won’t see them until next Sunday lol. I ran/incline walked 7 miles this morning and plan on running 2 more outside tonight when it cools off.


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