Okay, so after yesterdays awesome WIFL, I pretty much did nothing the rest of the day. Didn’t have to work, and ran a few errands, but that was it. Until it was time for conditioning……

The conditioning class is 1 hour long. We go by the bell, which goes off every 2 minutes, with 30 seconds in between each “set” We did a circuit yesterday. We went through the entire thing, not once, TWICE. NO REST. And if you think the 30 seconds in between is a rest, it’s not because you take that 30 seconds to jog over to the next station and the bell goes off signaling the start before you can even make it there. These were the stations all for 2 minutes straight each:

1. Line Jumps (just jumping side to side over a line, as high as you can go)
2. Bench Dips
3. Twisting Hindu Squats(Jump squat 180 degrees, and back, and forth, and back, and forth, and you get the point.)
4. Planks and Side Planks
5. Pushups across the basketball court
6. Jumping Lunges
7. Mitts (hitting the mitts for 2 minutes straight with all your energy is literally like sucking the life out of someone)
9. Skaters (hard to describe but it works your glutes well!)
10. Wall Balls (Squat and thrust upwards and throw the 12 lb med ball as high as you can on the wall, catch and repeat)

I was seriously sweating like CRAZY. This was so hard, but I left the gym feeling mightttyyy accomplished. Love this class!

This morning I was planning on a run, but my running buddy dipped out, so I decided to hit the arc trainer hard. I really pushed it and did it at Level 10 and I can honestly say i pushed as hard as i could throughout the entire hour. I then met my trainer for…MORE LEGS. Just quads(ha, right “just”) He had me doing hack squats(5 seconds down explode up, then squat down quick and 5 seconds up), leg extensions(toes straight, in, out), more jumping lunges and squats(because i obviously didn’t do enough of them last night), and something else i can’t remember.

All in all, i have gotten in some great workouts the past few days. I start my peak week on Sunday, so i am enjoying my oats and savoring every single bite. The only difference in next week compared to my last peak week is NO ALMOND BUTTER. I have gotten a little to friendly with that stuff and I don’t know if I trust myself anymore. It’s funny how that happens. For a while I was totally fine and would just have a little bit at a time, but now it’s like my treat and 2 TBSP turns into 4 sometimes and it’s getting out of hand.

Off to work, then some errands, then to the casino and out tonight!! 🙂 Going to try for a run tomorrow, depending on how my legs feel, otherwise it will be chest and abs only.


2 thoughts on “Plyo-hell

  1. Becca says:

    Hey Lizzy, good post!! Yeah, almond butter is a deep black hole for me, too! I just made some with Jes yesterday and let me tell you, I SHOULD NOT have it in the house. LOL…
    That class sounded intense. I need to do something like that. I am so tired of the same ol', same ol.


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    lol! "plyo hell"-yup we all go there at one point or another….sounds like an awesome workout!!

    peak week is starting up chica-the good news is that these last day s will go by SO FAST!!! after you hit this upcoming peek week and show,the next peak week will be a cake walk….

    hang in there!!


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