Pirate King/Queen

If you haven’t already, read this post so you know what I am talking about 🙂

It is SO hard to think of just ONE Pirate King/Queen. There are SO many influential people in my life. These people keep me motivated in different ways.

I will name a few, in no particular order.

Pirate King: Steve, my boxing instructor. This guy knows how to push my limits. When I’m doing 200 mountain climbers and I don’t think I can do any more, he will jump down on the floor next to me and start pounding them out with me. When I feel as though I just can’t hit any harder, he tells me to hit harder, and miraculously, as if the skies open up above me and the angel’s start singing, I hit harder. I see him twice a week, but his motivation and belief in me is with me all the time.

Pirate King: Dae, my trainer. Dae is another person who has made me see just how hard I can push myself. He hands me weights that I would never even think twice about looking at, let alone lifting, and somehow, I lift them. Not only has he taught me new exercises, new ways of training, and different ways to tweak my physique, but he has taught me how to dig deep. I mean, truly, dig deep. Find my inner power and go for one more rep, go for that heavier weight. I thought I pushed my limits before, but through training with me, I realized how much more I am capable of.

Pirate Queen: Bloggy friend, Melissa. This girl motivates me to do my best and push through the hardest obstacles. The comments I receive from her are always uplifting and also reading through the accomplishments that she has done, the battles she has faced, and the way she has overcome them, always gives me the jolt I need when I’m feeling out of whack. This girl rocks!

Pirate King/Queen: Old man at my gym Wayne, and Woman at my gym Kris: These two people motivate me in a very different day. I see Wayne(probably about 75 years old) at the gym EVERY DAY. Not only that, but this man is battling brain cancer. He has had surgeries, therapies, etc., yet STILL manages to get to the gym and work out almost every single day. If that isn’t enough, he is the NICEST man I have ever met. He is always cheerful, makes sure to say good morning to me EVERY DAY. All while dealing with cancer, tumors, therapy, medicine, etc. That is a true hero. Kris is a fellow boxer. I have mentioned her on the blog before. Her husband is dying of pancreatic cancer, and yet she is able to still make it to the gym quite often. In the last few weeks she hasn’t been as much, but her husband is literally on his death bed. When she gets to boxing class, this girl can HIT. She is a tough cookie and NOTHING stops this mama from sweatin’ and kicking ass! She also has 3 children to take care of. And still makes it to the gym to take care of her body, her mind, her soul. She is such a nice woman and always cheers me on in our boxing class. Another true hero.

There are so many others in my life that motivate me and keep me going. My dad, my friends, fellow gym go-ers who tell me that I inspire them. It is such an amazing thing to hear from someone. These are people you see everyday that are working out too. It really is great to know there are so many people around us cheering us on, even when we don’t know it.

I am in this for the long haul, because I love it, I crave it, and in all honesty I need it. I thrive off of competing against myself. To get better, stronger, fitter, faster, smarter, happier, healthier, more giving, more helpful. The life I lead has and continues to make me grow EVERY DAY. With every fall and failure, to every step of success and milestone. I have become a better person in ALL aspects of my life through training. Although to an outsider, the effects of the gym might just be “getting in better shape”, many don’t realize that it really can help you succeed in every other way imaginable. Your career, your family, your health, your children. Keep up the good work everyone.

Who inspires/motivates you?


One thought on “Pirate King/Queen

  1. KatieP (Thin Enough) says:

    Great post NG. You have a wonderful team of people supporting and helping you.
    Keep up the great work — you inspire me! ♥


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