OOps –the Weigh in!

Forgot to post about my weigh-in earlier. I had made a point to weigh myself on the 7th(today), the 15th, and then the 21st(day before comp.)

Well I am happy to say I am right where I should be. Weighed in at 130 even. This is perfect, because during peak week last time I dropped about 5-7 pounds(mostly water weight) and weighed in at about 123 on comp. day.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but now that my bloat is all gone, I honestly think that my legs are going to come in better than last time 🙂

Staying strong and loving comp. prep right now. I KNEW my hormones were messing with my head. I KNEW i wasn’t just being lazy(well I was, because i was falling for my “hormone cravings”) but at least Iknow WHY i was feeling that way.

I feel absolutely great and i’m so thankful for all of you who have been so supportive!!! Still haven’t napped. I tried to, but i just can’t fall asleep UGHH. Going to go try again…


One thought on “OOps –the Weigh in!

  1. Becca says:

    I meant to tell you, I know you had a fabulous time at your first show (i've said this before but winning is wayyyy more fun than losing!) but you'll prob. enjoy your second show even more. At least, I did. I guess maybe becaue I knew the drill and was able to enjoy a lot more of the good stuff and not worry about the jitters as much? idk. I will be interested in finding out what you tihnk after your second show. I just started prep for my 3rd show (after a break) and i must say I am just as excited if not MORE SO because I know what I am looking down the pike at!! WOO HOO!!!

    Good job on hitting the mark with prep weight! No jinxing going on here, you're just bein' real!WOOT!


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