Hey guys! The title of this post is because I don’t know what else to say. It has been a long two days. Not in a bad way, but just exhausting.

Yesterday, I boxed, did an hour of Shoulders and Biceps, 35 min. on the arc trainer. I left the gym, ate my yummy chicken, avocado, salsa combo with brown rice and broccoli/cauliflower on the side. It is seriously my fave post-gym meal. It fills me up, but doesn’t make me completely stuffed.(I know it seems like so much food, but it is just the right size.)

Afterwards, I headed to work to deal with some crap, crap and more crap. The lady i work with(my dad’s assistant) is the sweetest lady ever, but talks so much. It makes it hard to get things done because she just talks, and talks, and when she hands me a paper, I get a 5 minute explanation along with a story about her kids, or grand kids, etc. etc. Sometimes, I just don’t want to talk! When I am at work, I work. Call it anti-social, but if I have things to do, I tend to work fast and hard to get it all done. It’s how I have always been with school and work. No time for lolly-gagging.

How do you guys work? Do you prefer working alone? Working with others? Working slowly and taking your time, or pounding it out in a short amount of time? More importantly, do you have a Chatty Kathy at your office? (If anyone reading is named Kathy, no hard feelings k?!)

After I left work, I got a call from my dad that he needed somethign picked up out in East Mesa and brought back to his office.(63 miles round trip) It worked out okay, because I got to spend some quality time with Killswitch Engage. I listened to their new CD at least 3 times 🙂

My friend Perry informed me that he was going to be taking a boxing conditioning class that night and that I should come since I’ve become such an addict. It was at a new gym, and well it was only $3. How could I turn it down? Ended up being a really good class(I still prefer my normal boxing class), but the gym was a SAUNA. Not a bad thing though, because I am a weirdo and actually prefer it a little warm when I am working out. (Told ya I’m a native AZonan) I will definitely take this class again! Needless to say, I came home and crashed out.

I have been having such a hard time sleeping these past few months. I fall asleep INSTANTLY, but always wake up once or twice in the night. Sometimes I fall back asleep right away, and sometimes I have to get up and do something for a while. It’s really frustrating and I think it correlates to being in a calorie deficit. Any other dieters/contest preppers ever have this problem? It is starting to take it’s toll on me, as today I have been pretty exhausted. Not the tired where you want to fall asleep, the tired where you are NOT ready to go to sleep, your just tired.

Anyways, this morning I got a 15 minute run in, followed by a sweaty Back/Tricep/Abs sesh with my trainer, and ended it with 45 minutes on the treadmill, varying speeds, inclines, and directions. (Walking backwards at about 2.9mph with a 15% incline KILLS the quads. Such a burn)

Worked all day again today and then got me some new RUNNING SHOES 🙂 My other ones were SHOT. I haven’t had them for very long, but I go through shoes pretty quickly because of all the miles I put on thoses babies. I got the same pair I have gotten the past two times. Here are my loves:

Is it weird that I get so excited about new running shoes?! It made me happier than any other purchase I could think of at the moment. Can’t wait to workout tomorrow just to wear them!!

I am feeling strong mentally and it makes all the difference. 17 Days 🙂 Night!!

4 thoughts on “Wowza

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    LOVE the shoes chica!!! and btw,sleep problems are VERY normal for fitness/figure/bikini gals at this point in prep-and it will only get harder for you closer to your september show—and yup its related to the caloric defeciet and training being on overdrive—your body is trying to figure out whats going on and to adapt,but sometimes in this process,sleep patterns get thrown off–usually its starts off with normal sleep,then a period of good sleep,when training is exhuasting all your stores,so your body sleeps great–then it goes into that phase you are in now,sleeping OK but awakening often and having a harder time going back to sleep—it may get to the point where you become so tired you cant sleep much at all,a common side effect of overtraining—you will feel so tired and bleh,and your body will be tired,but the best thing you can do is try winding yourself down about an hour before bedtime-a hot bath/shower,listening to fav music,reading a book,etc…if all else fails,take a tylenol PM….
    anyways,hope you are able to get in some good rest soon!
    happy training!


  2. Therese says:

    I have been having the same problem with sleeping. Either I wake up from a growling belly, or I can't get to sleep because I still have the adreneline kicking from my evening workout. Wish I could help (both of us lol!)

    p.s. I love Killswitch! I actually have been to their concert and have them in my workout mix. Believe me I was the most normal looking girl there! Thankfully I went with the hubbie!


  3. Muslfetish says:

    I am the same way as you while at work…please don't talk to me, I have sh*t to do! lol 🙂 Love the shoes and no, you are not weird…I get super excited whenever I get new running shoes, or fitness gadgets and workout clothes! lol love it!


  4. fittingbackin says:

    ahhhh! I think those are the same shoes I have ! (I can't be positive but will be checking – I LOVE them!) Your workouts are awesome – an HOUR of biceps/shoulders?! Wowza is right!


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