Bizzy Lizzy

Totally not complaining, I like to be busy. Here’s today so far:

3:00AM: I wake up and lay there for a half hour. Just another one of my random middle-of-the-night-wake-ups. Finally fall back asleep and have CRAZY dreams and get some GOOD sleep in, but only until my alarm clock goes off…
5:30AM:Alarm clock goes off, get out of bed, make breakfast. Today it was 2/3 c. oats, 1/2 c. egg whites, 2 TBSP natural PB, cinnamon. A big breakfast, and tomorrow I will only do 1/2 c. of oats and 1 TBSP PB, because although it didn’t overstuff me, it was a little too much.
6:30AM: Boxed my sox off. He also added a lot of plyo’s in class today. Good thing I had plyo’s on my agenda for today……
7:30AM: Squats, Jump Squats, Leg Extensions, Jumping Lunges, Bulgarian Squats(Split Squats), Bench Jumps, Side Bosu Lunges, Box Jump-overs, Side to Side Band Walks, High skips, butt kickers, high knees.
8:45AM: 31 min on the Arc Trainer and STRETCHED 🙂
9:45AM: Chicken, salsa, avocado, green beans, almond buttaaaa

After that morning, I headed to my apartment office. At the beginning of next month(September 8th) I will be moving into a different unit, since my roommate is not moving back in and I am SICK of paying for a 2 bedroom when I don’t use the other room at ALL.

Finished up the paperwork and got everything set up, then went back to my apartment showered, packed some food, and headed to work. Got a few things done, ate my salad with salmon, coconut oil, pico de gallo with red bell pepper on the side, and headed back home.

Now I am just hanging out relaxing for a bit. Answering e-mails, talking to my sponsor, and reading bloggies/facebooking/twittering. I ate some more oatmeal(forgot how much I loved/missed this stuff) and the almond butter fairy attacked me and forced 4 TBSP into my mouth!!! 😉

Lucky for me, I had the room calorie-wise, and my oatmeal turned into my dinner. I am taking yet another boxing class this evening at club SAR(the city’s gym..aka the sauna) so, I think I have burned my fair amount of calories today. I seriously am getting more and more intense with my workouts. I have to be careful not to run myself into the ground! But I figure, I have less than a month (Sept. 5th is my last comp. for a while) to push it. And to be honest, I LOVE working out like a maniac. Absolutely LOVE IT. I thought of a great way to punish myself if I were to binge(which I will NOT, trust me. My mindset is SPOT ON :)) But in the future, if I binge, I am NOT ALLOWED to workout the next day. That will motivate me, because I don’t take rest days very well.

My nickname in my AM boxing class has become “freak show”. Ha love it.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Loving me this 100 day challenge! 🙂 I had a rough start, but have bounced back and I think a lot of that has to do with me not having RAGING HORMONEs that a stupid relative brought last week. She is nasty. Glad to have her gone!

5 thoughts on “Bizzy Lizzy

  1. KatieP (Thin Enough) says:

    LOVE the image of an almond butter fairy – is she married to the peanut butter fairy? Those fairies have been paying some other Pirates a visit too.


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    geez,busy is an understatement!lol!
    AND yup, i hear ya about the oats being sooooo good so close to a comp!
    and to answer your question aout back to back peak weeks:
    one of the best ways to handle 2 shows 2 weeks apart nutrition wise is to actually plan a cheat meal or two,on sunday morning and of course saterday night after the show–have whatver you are craving after the show and for the next meal on sunday,dont worry about calories,just eat,but not to the point of feeling so full it hurts to breathe-and then sunday afternoon,get right back on the clean nutrition wagon and on monday treat workouts,cardio,water,nutrition,just as you did 2 weeks before the August show,and yes this means a 2nd peak week, and following the exact same plan as the previous week before peak week. do however get in LOTS of water after the show and keep guzzling it down for 2 days (sunday and monday)Monday morning do AM cardio on an empty stomach for at least 30minutes or more,later that day,try to get a HIIT in-you should have your energy back to get it all done thanks to excess carbs your body needs-(if you feel you will go overboard on a binge after the show,then just dont worry about adding in a cheat meal and pick things back up on track on monday)-just take the weekend OFF from workouts and yes i mean OFF-do NOTHING on sunday,just REST bc your body will need it to make it through another peak week so soon between shows. make monday after your show a crazy insane make-up day in the gym-you might feel bloated on monday after the show but i promise that if you go right back onto strict nutrition,drink water like crazy and RUN run run,the bloats will be gone on tuesday and for the next peak week you may even come in leaner or tighter….whew! i wrote you a mini novel there chica! i do hope this info helps,just do what works for your body—and please do rest the day after the show!
    if you have any other questions feel free to email me-i may not have all the answers,but ill try to help the best i can!
    keep the ball rolling chica,almost there!!!


  3. fittingbackin says:

    YOu ARE a freakshow – love it! Your workouts are amazing and your motivation is quite frightening! j/k Who can 'punish' themselves by NOT working out?! Only you girl!! Happy Friday!


  4. Therese says:

    I LOVED boxing and miss going to those classes. I still have my gloves maybe I should just go punch some trees or something.

    I like the idea of threatening "no gym time" after a binge. I usually rationalize eating too much because "I can just work it off the next day" so this would be a great deterant. As long as you stick to it!


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