Feeling a little better now. Basically my brother is in rehab and called yesterday saying he didn’t think he needed it and was going to leave (trust me he needs it he was taking as many pills as a cancer patient according to the doc)so that really had me down. On top of that I hurt my foot in boxing. I thought it was fine but as the day wore on it started to tighten up. After ice and ibuprofen, today it was feeling pretty good and I was able to do cardio…going to lay off plyos for the next week probably tho.

Nutrition got the best of me yesterday and unfortunately I am going to have to hand in one of my skinny bones. I seem to remember doing something similar 3 weeks out from my last show..grr..not happy about it but I WILL make up for it. My workouts this week have been beyond balls to the walls and will continue. I already have shoulders and 2 hrs cardio under my belt today and am doing a boot camp-like workout this afternoon at a nerw gym. After that will update u on hopefully great news I’ve been teasing about.

Will post later!


2 thoughts on “better

  1. She-Fit says:

    Awh, i'm sorry to hear all the bad news. I hope things get better for you. Sounds like you are having a great workout today. Looking forward to hearing the great news!


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    keep your head up chica,it seems contest prep is never easy but add in real world S@#! and then life gets harder…..
    obsticals in life only make us better stronger indivuduals,obsticals in life during contest prep however,make you feel like you are going insane-BUT you do come out on the other side a stronger,(more fierce),better person who will be able to rise above any situation life throws at them…
    your one tough woman lizzie,and i know you are totally going to get through this contest prep and all the unwanted mess thats going on right now-train hard,eat right-stay positive, stay focused and just do your best….
    YOU GOT THIS!! 🙂 (and do take care of that foot!)


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