Random Thoughts/Tip

1. Holy DOMS. My back and biceps are more sore than they have been…maybe ever? Definitely switching my day up to quads/calves/plyos. My upper body is TOAST.

2. Day 3 of any diet program is usually kinda tough, Day 4 is even TOUGHER, But don’t worry, because Day 5 isn’t so bad….

That is something I have always come to find in any new program I have started…so STICK WITH IT and get to Day 5. I promise.

That’s all. Gym time!


One thought on “Random Thoughts/Tip

  1. fittingbackin says:

    I needed that! i've started regular ST now and i'm so sore it hurts to blowdry! Day 5 is Friday… wish me luck sticking to it!


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