Hey all!! I am putting together a Q&A section for my blog….the q&a will be comprised of YOUR questions, so please..anything you’ve ever wondered about me whether it is my training philosophy or which side of the bed I sleep on(okay a little creepy but I’ll answer if you want!) leave in the comment box. For now…you get this J

1. Weight training body part?
Glutes and Biceps. I love feeling the burn in my legs and butt and love watching my biceps bulge

2. Cardio exercise?
Hmm..I love boxing, rock climbing, hiking, and running outside. As far as in the gym, incline walking is my favorite because it kicks my ass!

3. Intervals or steady state?
Little of both. Sometimes I need the intervals to keep me busy, and sometimes I need the steady state so I can zone out.

4. Carbs – friend or foe?

If I was asked this a few weeks again I would have said BFFL(best friends for life!), but lately, I am really digging the healthy fats. I do love fruit and vegetables and oats, sweet potatos and brown rice, and they definitely are the fuel to working out however I really have been loving the low-carb lately. Quick answer: Friend!

5. Cheat meal?

Pizza and some ice cream.

6. Treat?

Same as above.

7. Protein Powder?

I rarely do protein powder because I prefer real food, but if I use protein powder, I use Quantum 100% Whey. It is ONLY whey protein, NOTHING ELSE on the ingredient list.

8. Gym outfit?

My Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants and a sports bra.


9. Runners/Shoes?

I am on my 2nd pair of the same Nike shoe and I love it! I need a new pair now that I think about it.

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)

Clean healthy food. I like to eat as natural as possible.

11. Inspiration?

I have so many inspirations. My dad, my trainer, my boxing instructor, my posing coaches, fellow competitors and gym-rats. Anyone who can push me and give me insight is an inspiration to me. I am a sponge when it comes to learning new things about life, health and happiness.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy?
Clean eating and consistency.

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:
Hmmm…bodybuilding.com, oxygen mag, competitor websites….

14. Last fitness related item you picked up?
My clean foods are fitness items!! Other than that, new sports bras!

15. Your fitness philosophy?

“Fake it til’ you make it.”

“The only training program/diet program that works is the one you stick to.”

“When you are on that last rep and you just can’t imagine doing another one, go for it. Often you will surprise yourself. THAT is when you grow both mentally and physically.” 



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