So many of you know, many of you may not have realized, but I’m not very organized 🙂

I don’t ever have my meal plans written out, I make them up as I go, but the organization is in my head, not on paper. I track everything on my Sparkpeople, but again I don’t have a trainer write me a diet and I don’t pre-plan what I am going to eat on a certain day other than in my head.

I am going to try to add some organization to my life by making a clearer meal plan. There will be changes here and there, but I want to start carb cycling more “organizationally.”

I have written down a plan and am going to stick with it until 1 week out from competition.(approximately 3 weeks.) It is a 7 day plan.

Days 1-3 are pretty carb-less other than veggies. Day 4 I have added in brown rice at 3 meals(1.5 cups total) Day 5 is the same as Day 4, except brown rice is only added in at 2 meals. Day 6 & 7 are the same as Day 4, and then it starts over again with the no carbs.

I am doing this for two reasons: I actually like the low carb days and since going low carb all during peak week, I have been wanting to do it more and more. I also realize I need my carbs to keep up with my lifestyle and brown rice is my choice. Why?

Oats: I like my oats, but I like them with banana and almond butter mixed in, and they are SO good, that it makes me want to eat more at whichever meal I have this at. Not a fan of making things harder on myself!! Lol

Sweet potato: I haven’t had sweet potato in weeks. Again, I have noticed that when I eat sweet potato, it makes me crave more and more food.

Brown Rice: This satisfies me and doesn’t leave me wanting to eat more food. Gives me no cravings, and it tastes good. KEEPER!!

Fruit: I was fruitless during peak week and even a little before that, and realized many things. Fruit gives me the same crash that candy does. Remember when I was complaining about how tired I was all the time? I thought it was overtraining(which may have had a part) but when I cut out fruit during the day, I wasn’t nearly as tired and actually had much more energy. Answer? If I have fruit, I will have a piece in the evening. I no longer feel the need to have it a zillion times a day and actually prefer veggies now. Crazy crazy how habits come about.

So that is what I will be doing. It is basically what I have been doing, although much more organized. Whether organizaiton will help me or drive me crazy, i’m still not sure, but I will find out. One thing I do know? I probably gained like 5 pounds this week of pure fat. No joke. 4 days this week have been SHIT FILLED…not to mention my poor choices the night after my competition. So, I have some work to do. I am going to look at this in a positive light and say this: I like how I looked for my competition. Had I not eaten 2839042843 calories of shit this week, I probably would have kept losing, and come August 22nd, looked like I hadn’t eaten in weeks. I guess I gave myself a challenge now, but I am confident in myself that this week was only a bump in the road. I have learned from it for my next competition. I will plan out my cheats for after the competition(which will be few if I end up doing OCB Sept. 5th)

Anyways, now that I have written a little novel, maybe you can print this out and read it while you do cardio…I’m sure it will take long enough to read. HA sorry guys, sometimes i just need to journal ALL my thoughts. If you read through all of this, you must really like me 🙂

I appreciate all of the comments!! You all are really great people.


4 thoughts on “Organization!

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    :)-good idea about organization-im sure your trainer has told you this already but-you will be surprised how quickly habbits can be formed just by keeping a food journal-try it for one week-writing down evrything you take in and at what time and make side notes on how you are feeling that day at that time-ie 1/2c brown rice with 4 oz grill chicken-feeling tired today,after i ate i felt better but bloated-also jot down how your muscles are looking upon waking,before bed and midday-track your water as well-(you can guesstimate)just for one week-it only takes a minute of your day to make some notes about food-
    if you already do this then just ignore this comment-LOL!
    as always,keep up your hard work-27 days will fly by,so its GO time!


  2. Kelly Olexa says:

    Good idea about the carb cycling, I was thinking of doing this myself actually. And I agree about fruit, sometimes it makes me want more and more and more……
    Keep up the killer work girl.


  3. Nerd Girl says:

    melissa your comments are always so uplifting!! i currently track my food, but i have not tried tracking how i FEEL after eating. I take a mental note, but i am going to try writing down how i feel after each meal. Such a great idea. I think i have found something that really works for me as of the last few weeks, but i know there is ALWAYs more to learn and our bodies are constantly changing.

    Kelly- let me know how carb cycling goes for you! I find it really helpful for me to see my progress in my body and also to dig a little deeper into my workouts. low carb days are harder to workout on, but for me, it helps me to grow stronger mentally because i have to dig deeper to find the energy. your a girl who loves challenges as welll, so im sure you will have a similar feeling!! let me know how it goes!


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