100 Day Challenge

I am joining KatieP and others on the 100 day challenge.

My goals for 100 days: no binges whatsoever and to STRETCH every single day.

After contest prep, I will have 1 high calorie day each week(3000 calorie MAX) and other than that stay at about 2100 calories per day(about maintenance.) During contest prep my calories are about 2100 per day but there will be no high days. A week out from prep I go down to 1600 calories and cut carbs to lean out.

Here’s to 100 binge free and stretch filled days!! (Training will continue of course but that has never been an issue for me!)

Tomorrow, Sunday, begins Day 1.


3 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge

  1. Stephanie Davis says:

    its a great idea but my comp is in 62 days.. perhaps that's long enough for this duck! (longest before that is 16 days… haha).


  2. Stephanie Davis says:

    thanks for your comment, i try not to be too negative on my blog but its great when others can relate.. realising a lost cause and being grateful for the positive influences in my life has helped!
    i am training for my first figure comp 🙂 congrats on your recent comp btw, and your shots are beautiful im sure you will be v successful.


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