The Drive

I have always been into sports. Soccer and basketball were a part of my little 4-6 year old life. At recess, when the girls were jump roping, gossiping or playing on the swings, I was playing football and soccer with the boys. In 5th grade I started playing flag football on a team. I was the only girl and I was the quarterback. I played until 8th grade and loved every minute of it. I only quit because the team I played with all started playing tackle football.

In 5th grade I also started playing baseball. After going to numerous Diamondbacks games with my baseball buddy(my dad), I decided it was my turn. I started playing little league, and eventually ended up on a travel team. I was the “vacuum” at first base. The same team played together until we were 16, and then the guys played high school ball. I tried out for my highschools baseball team, not softball, baseball. I was the very last cut. I beat out over 30 other guys, but unfortunately still didn’t make the team. It was political and most people were aware of that, but I kept playing with my travel team until we were no more. I gave into softball my sophomore year of high school, but wasn’t a fan because I had never been on a team with girls before. Can I say drama? There was never any of that garbage when you played with the guys.

I played a little bit of volleyball, and did high jump on the track team my junior year of high school. After that, I was kind of left with nothing.

What exactly am I getting at? I love sports. I have always been into sports and it has always been something that I could escape to. It was my reason and my outlet. I loved being on a team, being competitive, playing my heart out, getting better, having those all-star moments. Hanging out with the guys and having them respect me because, although I was a girl, I could play ball like the rest of them. I was so passionate about this, especially baseball, and when I didn’t have sports anymore, I didn’t know what I had. Of course I didn’t really realize that until this weekend.

I am back to being an athlete. I am back to being competitive. I am back to working hard and reaping the benefits. I, once again, have a purpose in the sports world. I have room to improve and can push it as far as I’d like.

I am an athlete again. I am complete again.


2 thoughts on “The Drive

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    yup,i know the feeling-EXACTLY….even though im no longer that crazy head driven college athlete-i have found that girl again through figure competitions,road races,5k's,1/2 marathons and sooon to be triathlon….girl,we are so much alike…the only reason i never played in a league with the boys is bc my dad thought i would get hurt…bleh! i could still hang with the boys in backyard ball though!!!!
    keep up your hard work chica,your DRIVE is simply contageous and very inspiring!!!!!


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