Beat it, Beat it, no one wants to be defeated!!

I know you are all probably so sick of MJ songs, but I’m not haha. Is it weird that I find him attractive in the “Bad” video?? Hahaha. I may have just lost 20 readers after that 🙂 Oh well.

Anyways, I woke up this morning at around 8. I went to bed at 5 haha. It was an awesome night though and totally worth it. I have trouble sleeping in, so I got up and had a ton of energy(no idea why…im a freak like that i guess). I hopped on the treadmill at my apartment complex planning to do 3 miles, 3 turned to 6, and then my friend came over and 6 turned into 9!!! Not complaining though. That’s what happens when your distracted telling stories haha.

I finished and ate some chicken because it was all I was in the mood for and headed to the gym for some chest and abbies. Finished that and came home to some green beans, 1 egg and 1 cup of egg whites. Real carbs are gone. I decided to cut them now because I want to try to squeeze out another pound of fat before Saturday.

The day is approaching quickly and I am SOOO excited!! Gotta work on my posing this week too and let my nutrition and training pay off! I hope I do well, but even if I don’t…this journey has been great. I can’t really see myself getting out of this sport 😉 It hink….i will have to see how I feel AFTER i actually compete haha

happy Sunday all! Congrats Jeh!!


5 thoughts on “Beat it, Beat it, no one wants to be defeated!!

  1. Becca says:

    Practice makes perfect girl. Remember to smile. They always tell you to smile while you're practicing…it's so true. I didn't smile enough on stage!!!
    Don't be like me, SMILE and practice! OMG its gonna be here before you know it!!


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    happy peak week chica!!!! enjoy the ride this week! agree with becca on this post-gotta get that posing down to perfection…youd be surprised how heavily you are judged on by charm and grace on stage…..i will be keeping up with you this week,cheering you on!!!


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