Laundry and Life

I gotta love when I go to put some laundry in the washing machine, only to find that I haven’t put my last load of laundry into the dryer from two days ago. Grrr, must re-do it.

Things have been going great. Workouts this week were awesome. Thursday was Boxing, followed by a Quad/Plyo workout, followed by a spin class. I know there are people who LOVE spin, but I have tried and tried..sometimes I like the class, but the majority of the time I don’t. I have gone to maybe 5-6 classes, and I feel like if it was my “thang” I would probably like it better. I also know that I do NOT like the teacher that I have done it with the past two times. The first time she was okay, but this last time she was spitting out false information about the way your body burns fat, etc. I wanted to tell everyone in the class to stop listening to her, but alas I just spun my little heart out 🙂

Yesterday I did Shoulders and Calves along with my cardio and today I plan on Chest and Abs with cardio. I officially have 7 days until my competition. Things are coming together. I have been working on my posing and walk(probably the HARDEST part about this competition…no joke) and just keeping the eating good and clean. Carbs will be cut on Tuesday, and my last weight session is Wednesday. Thursday I will box and do more cardio and Friday will be completely OFF from exercise. On Saturday, Lisa and I are going to get ready at her house. My hair stylist is coming over to do our hair(for free..thanks Mari!) and our trainer, Dae, is hopefully going to get a trainers pass and be there to kick our butt on to the stage.

Can I just say, do I not have the BEST trainer in the world?? Former body builder, marine corps captain, physical therapist, AND runway model?! He is able to help me build muscle, heal injuries, AND make sure my walk and posing is up to par. What more could I ask for? The man is a genius, he seriously knows everything. Love him.

Not sure what else is on the agenda for today, but I am feeling great and have high spirits. I am high on life right now and SO excited for this competition. Good luck to Rae, Jehanne, and Melissa this weekend!!

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