This lovely lady has given me a blogger award!!! Check her out…she’ll give you a good laugh and some great advice for contest prep!! Thanks April!!

To accept this award, I am suppose to list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.

Here goes….

1. I love heavy metal and can’t get enough double bass!

2. Prior to my life-changing personal trainer, Bret, (august 2007) I ate fast food at least once or twice a day and lived off of Dr. Pepper cans. Think 7-8 per day. Yeah. Sick.

3. I have no problem eating things that fell on the floor, past their expiration date, or the possibility of it being undercooked. I almost see it as a challenge to my immune system..yes i WEIRD and this is probably a really stupid habit of mine haha.

4. When i was younger, my parents would let me wear whatever I wanted to school. This meant in kindergarten: a shirt, tucked in and not pulled out at all just tucked in as far as it could…with a vest over it that had cartoon characters on it. And none of it matched. Hot, i know.

5. I used to be the quarterback on my flag football team….played for 4 years and loved every minute of it. I also played baseball until the age of 16 on a guy travelling team…I wasn’t amazing at offense, but there was no ball i couldn’t pick out of the dirt at first base!

6. I miss my baseball days and would give anythign to be 14 again on the same team that I was on. Best times of my life!!

7. I realize I don’t know where I am going with my life and I honestly don’t care. I want to do many things and am going to pursue one thing at a time. Hopefully it works out 🙂

Okay I tag……







***The rest of this post somehow got deleted….but training is going well and eating is too!! I have 8 more days until I hate the stage!!

Good luck this weekend Melissa!!! You are going to do amazing. If you haven’t already, check this girl out!


2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    HAHAHA…I love the fact that your parents let you go like that to school! Where's the pictures!

    AND..OMG only 8 days left!!!


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