13 days left

As I sit here on my couch, watching YouTube videos of NPC Bikini competitions, I have begun to look back at this journey. I began this journey in December. How I got into this, I am not really sure, except that something about the sport intrigued me. It intrigued me enough to pull me out of the rut I had been living, and change my life. The physical aspects of this journey are that I gained muscle mass, lost body fat, and took my fitness to another level that my body had not yet seen. Workouts became harder, and ironically more enjoyable. The euphoria doesn’t get old, my friends. Mentally, this journey has been incredible. I have learned more about myself than I could begin to write. I now know that when I think I have reached my maximum, I still have more in me. I learned that if I want something, I can make it happen. I learned that being happy lies within the little things in life. These little things add up to what we perceive as happiness. When the good things outweigh the bad. Notice how I said outweigh, because there will always be negative aspects of life. It is part of life and part of the journey of life. Whether I take first place in this competition, or dead last, no judge can take away the amazing experiences I have had. Waking up at the butt crack of dawn to train, staring at the burgers and pizza that my friends and family scarf down, while I eat my egg whites and asparagus, saying no to a mid-week party so that I can get my rest, it sounds awful when I write it down. But what those people don’t have is what I have. A new found strength, a new found confidence, and a road travelled that most will never embark on in their entire lives. Whether it be lack of interest or fear, this journey can’t be taken away from me. And from here on out, I can build upon these trials and tribulations. Making myself a better person, inside and out.

I trained, I starved, I conquered.


5 thoughts on “13 days left

  1. Tina says:

    I'm crying 🙂 Good tears 🙂 You should be so proud 🙂 I feel your energy, I know that energy, I know that place you are in right now, you are only just beginning…this has taught you that if you put your mind to something, anything you can make it happen 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    This post shows that you've already won! Bless you for your honesty in the post! Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!


  3. Melissa Cunningham says:

    LOVE THIS POST!!!! so true bc all those who have travelled this path can all say the same-"tis the journey and not the destination that makes us better stronger people"
    keep it up chica-stay positive,stay focused,train hard,eat right,DO YOUR BEST and you have already walked away a winner,regardless of titles or placements or of the SUBJECTIVE opinion of 5-7 judges…
    keep on keepin on and keep the positive vibe going! so proud of YOU!!


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