Long day!!

Wow it has been a really long day. Did 36 minutes on the arc trainer this morning while waiting for Dae to finish with another client. Then we did back and a whole-lotta random things. Like burpees, jumping jacks, high rep squats, high rep step ups, mountain climbers. Basically a plyo-day. I will still probably do plyos on Friday of my own though. Afterwards i did 30 minutes on the TM 15% at 3.3 mph. I was sweating up a STORM. it actually looked like i was standing in the rain because the sweat was just pouring all over me lol. Felt good though!

Went home afterwards and had my post-workout shake(whey protein, kale, almond butter, coconut oil, flax seeds and glutamine), showered, ate chicken, brown rice and asparagus and headed off to posing practice. Today’s session was good and i got a lot of good feedback from my coach Ilana. She is awesome, love her! Went straight from there to work and ate my salad while driving. Good thing i am a pro at driving with my knees, so this was possible 🙂 Worked for a few hours, kinda stressful, but not terrible. Headed off to the bank for work, and ate the rest of my salad on the way there. Just got home a few minutes ago and had egg whites, spinach, and red onions and 1/2 TBSP of almond butter. Almost out so i need to hit up TJ’s tonight or tomorrow.

Things are going pretty well, i have been kinda in and out of a funk but trying to stay positive and even while feeling negative, rememebering that it is just my mind fighting itself. Kinda annoying, but 17 more days!!


3 thoughts on “Long day!!

  1. Becca says:

    Wait,are you going figure or bikini? I thought you were doing figure but you said posing practice so it got me thinking…anyway yes the mind games that one plays on themselves can get outta control sometimes. JUST DO WHAT YOURE DOING and stay positive. I love your outlook – keep it up!


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