Ahhh rest days are nice. Every muscle in my body was aching yesterday when I went to the gym for my shoulder/ab workout. Today, a little better but still pretty sore. All that is on the agenda is a pool party and hopefully some rock climbing!! Tomorrow will be triceps and some cardiooooo.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm. HA! I woke up at 8:30 and decided I wasnt going to go out. I laid in bed trying to fall back asleep, but I WAS STARVING. After 3 days at about 1600 calories…with all of my workouts….i was seriously so hungry i couldnt sleep. I ate some almonds and a red bell pepper and that helped. I finally fell asleep at about 11pm. Woke up at 4am.

What to do on a Saturday that early? Well i decided that after being low carb for 3 days this chick needed some! So i had eggs and steel cut oats for breakfast. Yummy. I went to the farmers market and got a few things, then spent some time at Whole Foods.

Things are still going well and my abs have been popping and so have my legs. 3 days of low carb/cals really helped my physique pop out and i feel MUCH better about how i will look on stage. Still have a ways to go, but i believe i have 21 days to get there. Carb boost today should help. Then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be low-carb..wednesday will be normal carbs and so on. I can do this and am definitely feeling good and positive!

Have a great Saturday and thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments you leave me. It is truly a blessing to have all of you in my life even though I haven’t met you, you have made an impact!! Thank you so much!


2 thoughts on “Resttttt

  1. Reese says:

    Just curious, how many carbs are you eating on the low and medium days?

    21 days will be over before you know it!! How exciting!!


  2. Becca says:

    Your diet and prep really reminds me of my own. In a couple weeks here I will be starting mine for the second time and wonder what or how differnt it will be. OMG 3 weeks, it's gonna fly!!


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