so. much. better

I am feeling SO much better. Granted it is only 11AM and my energy seems to peak in the early hours. You know what though? I was feeling shitty walking into the gym today. I work out in a sports bra now because my trainer wants me to see my muscles work and also so that I keep my damn abs in! I just was feeling like a fatty today and just wanted to wear a big baggy t-shirt and sweat pants in there. But i sucked it up and wore the sports bra.


I trained with Dae today. He. Kicked. My. Ass. It was an hour long session today of chest and biceps. The things he was having me do, I can’t even begin to describe. First of all…he handed me the 50 pound EZ bar to curl…..but instead of just letting me curl that..he was pushing on it so that i had even more resistance. Such a nice guy right? That combined with the pushups, the bench pressing, the flys, more curls, hammer curls, cable curls, YOU NAME IT. oH did I mention the sprints i had to do in between sets?! Yeah those were FUN let me tell ya. I literally was light headed and dizzy finishing each set because i was grunting and using every bit of energy in me to get those last reps of each set out. I thought veins were going to pop out of my head. ANyways, moral of the story….it made me feel GREAT. I am sick and twisted and I LOVE to be tortured like that. (Good thing i train with Dae too because he told me that he likes to watch me be tortured…ok this is starting to sound like the beginning of a porno but don’t worry he is gay and i promise i won’t take this any further!! Haha) He killed me, and it got my head back to where I need it to be.

After my killer sesh, another trainer Noel(the one who gave me the greatest compliment of life) told me he was going to put me through an ab workout. I don’t know how i am able to pull off all this free personal training but i am not complaining!! I guess just spend hours upon hours in the gym working your ass off and eventually, trainers will start offering up their services?! Ha who knows…anyways..he had me doing a lot of things i have never seen or heard of before. Involving hanging from ropes and doing swaying movements and such. It was really hard and he wants to work with me some more. My abs are by far my weakest link. Before December, I did not regularly train them. (Bad, i know) So they have a ways to come compared to the rest of my body.

Before training with Dae i ran for 20 minutes to warm up and I finished it off after the workout with 30 min. on the treadmill at 15% 3.3 mph, and then 20 minutes on the bike at level 8 all out as fast as i could go.

Food for today:

Meal 1: 1 egg, 1 cup egg whites, 2 slices tomato, 1 cup spinach, 2TBSP pico de gallo(its just onions, cilantro and tomato chopped up) and 1/2 TBSP coconut oil

Meal 2:(post workout) Green smoothie: 2 Kale leaves, 1 TBSP Flax seeds, 1/2 TBSP Almond Butter, 2TBSP 100% pure whey protein(NO additives, fillers, NOTHING…it doesnt taste good but it is completely clean..i love it), and 1 heaping TSP of glutamine

Off to shower and get ready for the day!


2 thoughts on “so. much. better

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    ahhhhhhhh sounds like we did simular stuff girlie!!! keep up the great workouts and try to keep your head in the game! looks like we both snapped out of our bleh moods this AM,eh? LOL! hang in there and keep rocking the workouts even when you dont feel like it!


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