Good day

Today was a great day!! Gotta love those. I am dead tired now though and it is only 7:30 ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning I headed to the gym after my 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg whites with spinach and pico de gallo omelette.

I ran for 2o minutes to warm up and then headed over to the weight room to do some gluties and hammies. I had an awesome workout!(What workout isn’t awesome when deadlifts are involved?!?) Needless to say my legs were-a-shakin by the end of that sesh.

Finished off with 30 minutes at 15% incline 3.3mph. As i may have mentioned i have slowed down the cardio in order to stay at a lower heart rate level. I will still do HIIT a few times a week as well.

Afterwards, I had a counseling appointment that was really good, and headed to work afterwards. Some unnecessary drama there with the brother, but I can’t help the decisions he makes and I have come to that realization.

I made my way home and took a nap. Then I took a walk around the lakes by my apartment(didn’t get lost today like I did yesterday!!!More on that in a moment) Now I am just vegging out until the new season of Secret Life of an American Teenager comes on! Yeah i said it! Haha the show is a very “highschool-ish” show, but i like it anyways.

So about getting lost yesterday. I set out last night to go on a short 20-30 minute walk by the lakes and golf courses surrounding my apartment. I found a golf cart path that I had never seen before so I decided to take it. I called my sister and chatted away with her for a while. I then realized…..I was lost! I was in the middle of a golf course, with people’s backyards surrounding me. No streets, no people, NOTHING haha. I was telling my sister how funny it was that I was lost. I normally have an awesome sense of direction…but without any roads around me…I had no idea where I was. So i did my best to find my way back. Eventually I caught up to a familiar path and made my way back to my apartment. Yeah…2 HOURS LATER. And I was in flip flops!! Uhhh yeah, blisters on my feet are NOT FUN despite what you might think. Luckily they aren’t holding me back, but OUCH they were hurting last night.

Anyways, thats all I’ve got for today. Diet was SPOT ON, and will continue to be….26 days baby!


2 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Becca says:

    LOL! Ok, sorry but I totally had to laugh at you getting lost. That is like something I would do ๐Ÿ™‚
    Look at it this way, at least your blisters are well earned and you got in 2 hours of walking.

    my legs are killing me too, and yup, you guessed it: deadlifts were invloved.
    Have a great day


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