27 days!!!!!

Time to kick things up!!!

Cycling the carbs….100-150g carbs each day…1500 calories total…135-150g. protein each day…the rest is good fats.

30 minutes of cardio per day…..heavy ass strength workouts.

I am excited!! Gotta stay motivated!

I had an awesome shoulder/bicep workout yesterday. Had to go light on shoulders which sucked(still hurting) but my bicep workout was KILLER.

My veins were popping out of my skin…..20 lb DBs for hammer curls….50lb ez bar curls….gotta love it!

27 days of pure greatness are ahead of me. I will shed off this last bit of fat..not “try to”…I WILL.

Wish me luck and keep me motivated. You guys are the best support system i have!!! :):) Thank you so much!


8 thoughts on “27 days!!!!!

  1. Becca says:

    I love reading posts like this! I can feed off your engergy and enthusiasm, it's amazing!!
    Keep up the good work – Looking forward to seeing your next pics!!


  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    all right girlie-sounds like you got your game face on and are getting READY!!! just go as hard as you can,nose to the grindstone and just do this!!! try to keep motivation high and DONT listen to any inner demons telling you you are NOT ready……bc you so WILL be ready,and like you siad,there is no "trying to" at this point..it is all about i will do this,i CAN do this—:) heehee-27 for you,19 for me-we got this!! stay positive,stay focused and do your best! will be cheering you on chica!!!


  3. Jehanne says:

    17 days 14 hours till my comp 😛

    Its the All Female Classic in Melbourne Victoria – CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THE DARN THING!

    You sound like you are going well – smash it hun xo


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