Friday workout

Workout today was great 🙂

Quads/Calves/Plyos/abs–supersets–4 sets each

Front squats/hanging leg raises
leg extensions/decline hip ups
DB Step ups(15 lb DB’s)/ knee tucks
Jumping lunges/decline sit ups
15 Tuck jumps/20 bench jumps-side to side/15 burpees (3 sets)
Seated calf raise
Calf Machine
Standing calf raises

Finished this up with 30 minutes of incline walking—15% at 3.3 mph

I have slowed the cardio down and will be doing 1 30 minute session every day for a while. I have been overdoing it (when i add in the rock climbing, wakeboarding, and extra cardio sessions) and my body is hating on me. I’m tired all the time and i just need to stick to heavy-ass-strength workouts and less cardio for now.

Dropped the cals down a little bit too, but hopefully i can burn off the rest of this fat before my comp!!!
Happy Friday!! :):)

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