Best salad

I know this will sound like a weird combo..but it’s AMAZING.

2-3 cups of spring mix lettuce
3-4 oz. of turkey or tuna or chicken(whatever protein source you want)
2 TBSP fresh salsa or pico de gallo(i use my sister’s boyfriend’s salsa which has no salt…whole foods makes pretty good salsa too!)
a few slices of tomato
about 1/4 of an avocado
1/4 cup of black beans
1/2 TBSP raw, Extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil

I know most of you are thinking thats a really weird combo but i swear by it!

You could also add hard boiled eggs or really whatever you feel like adding to it…that is just my mix for today(minus the black beans because i am all out)! Yummmy!


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