good bye oats.

i was sad at the gym today when my trainer told me the oats have got to go 😦 no mas! It’s okay though, i get to replace it with quinoa or a sweet potato…umm more sweet potato please!! not that i don’t love quinoa but…i love sweet potato the mostest. 🙂

workout this morning was great. cardio went from being taken away to put back in! my trainer didn’t realize we were only 5 1/2 weeks out, so…back to an hour a day. I am happy with that because i really haven’t cut back much since he told me to. ooooops.

workout today was a 3 mile run to warm up. then I did back and abs. Dae was so kind to put my ankle weights on for me today before i did my hanging leg raises. what a great guy right?! HA those things were HARD. Then i finished up the workout with 35 minutes on the TM—15% 3.7mph! it was fast. but i made it. and i kind of enjoyed it in a sick and twisted way. then it was 20 minutes on the bike.

Going rock climbing tonight which i can’t wait for. If there is a rock gym near you..TRY IT…such a fun workout and SERIOUSLY a tough one. just look at the serious climbers bodies. All they do is climb and they are STRONG and TIGHT. yeah, good stuff.

in other news, my dad and i aren’t speaking because he is a selfish asshole. No, really ha. I don’t want to go into details right now, but maybe when I feel like venting it out i will. I have vented it like 4 times already today and im sick of hearing myself.

So glad its friday..i plan on going out tonight, not drinking, but having a great time with friends! Hope your friday is awesome as well!


2 thoughts on “good bye oats.

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    oh man, you are so dedicated to this event coming up – no oats?! Whew, you seriously want this AND, I know you are totally going to kick butt! I can't wait to see progress pictures!

    Sorry to hear about the added stress in your life right now – hope you have a great weekend anyways, you deserve it!


  2. inmytummy says:

    I tried to go rock climbing on a cruise last year and it was way harder than I thought. I could only get up half the wall!

    Sorry about the oats!


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