Sorry for the absence. I feel like I say that a lot lately 😦 I was at the lake today, so that is my excuse 🙂

I am feeling much much better about things. Staying positive and feeling back to my normal self. I want to thank EVERYONE for the helpful comments. Seriously I think that is a huge part that helped me to see the “light” if you will.

Today has been great. I got up extra early to do my workout, so I could have time for more important things, like going to the lake 🙂 I pumped out my leg workout in 45 minutes. Squats, Leg extensions, split squats on the smith machine, glute kicks, hip abductors/adductors. Then i hit up the treadmill for intervals again. I did a 5 minute warm up at 6.5mph, 20 minutes of intervals at 6.5-8.5 mph (1 minute/1minute) and then cooled down at 6.5mph. Then i walked on the treadmill for another 15 minutes while I figured out what to do with the extra time I had made for myself. I decided I had time to pump out a chest workout! flat bench press, cable flys, and DB incline press with a set of pushups in between every set—106 pushups total.

Good stuff. Then i spent the rest of today wakeboarding and laying out on the boat. Love love.

Food has been awesome. I am doing okay with the 1 fruit in the morning. Egg whites, oats, sweet potatoes, almonds and vegetables have been my best friends!! 🙂


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