Great success

I don’t have time for a real post right now, but just wanted to let you all know i am feeling MUCH better. Not sure what was up for those few days but i am glad that it is gone!!!

Yesterday i had boxing and then did biceps and triceps. NO CARDIO. πŸ™‚ I went to the lake yesterday afternoon and had an awesome time. The great success is that I was able to wakeboard without halfway paralyzing myself!! Haha. I also tried surfing behind the boat…kinda got it but its hard. You basically get in really close to the boat and let the wake push you and eventually you throw the rope in the boat and don’t even need it. I lasted about 5 seconds without the rope. Guess i will have to go back to the lake and try again :):):)

Glad its friday. I woke up really early this morning so I went to the gym and did abs and an hour on the treadmill before my training session with Dae. He said from now on I HAVE to wear a sports bra to work out in. This way I can keep an eye on my muscles as I work them. (No he was not just saying that to get me in a sports bra, he’s gay.) It helps me keep my abs in too because i know that everyone can see them haha. He said my back is looking good, so that was some good positive reinforcement!! Back workout with him today was TOUGH but felt great. Eats have been good today as well. Will recap those later on.


4 thoughts on “Great success

  1. Herbalife Las Vegas says:

    Wakeboard and surfing sounds like fun. I am guessing a sportbra would help concentrate on other areas, lol.


  2. Sunnie says:

    I would not put my suit on for my posing coach until I was 2 days out and I still did not want to do it then. I was not tanned and I am shy like that. It really will make a difference though seeing your muscles.


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