Dreyers mini mint chocolate chip ice cream

So like I said last week(or maybe I just thought it) I am going to try to incorporate a few mini-treats on 1 or 2 days of the week…whether i am craving them or not…to prevent just going NUTS on one day of the week.

Last night i was totally satisfied with my 1700 calories for the day, but i also knew that was a low number and that if i wanted to have a treat…this should be the day. So i decided to get a mini Dreyers ice cream that I had seen at the grocery store…..

Check these babies out.

Although now i am confused because on the container it said it was 180 calories and on the website it says 210..hmmm…either way…

Perfect amount of ice cream…no temptation to have more(because all you get is your little serving size) and it tastes delish.

All in all..i am very happy with the product and look forward to many more treat nights. I think this will be much better for me than just going nuts on a saturday or sunday and eating 5 bowls of cereal and 3 bowls of ice cream. ya know?!

Anyways…i ate my ice cream and chatted it up at my madre’s house. Then i headed over to my sister/sister’s boyfriends condo and we watched Yes Man. I was so tired by the time it was over that i decided to just crash on their guestroom bed. Woke up bright and early this morning, made a trip to the grocery store….and I have a surprise for you alll……………

BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 🙂 Because it hasn’t happened yet..but it will happen today…and I will let my pictures later tell the story. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dreyers mini mint chocolate chip ice cream

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    LOL! i totally agree with having mini treats to kep your sanity!!! during my “off season” (even though there is really no such thing!) i add in those mini treats,but mine are on the wekends,when the whole family is together and me and my kids can spend time togteher baking and cooking….sounds like you are right on track!you remind me so much of myself when i as your age (even though im not THAT much older-but you know,my college days and time before the kids!!!) anyways,cant wait to see your surprise and what these pics wll reveal!!!!
    keep up your hard work chica!!!


  2. Amy says:

    so very interesting, I need to check out those ice cream cups!
    I added you to y blog and then left the blog world for a bit, but I am making a return. I’m intrigued by the treat concept because that’s something I should consider doing—prevent going nuts by making treats regular. Hmmm, I am contemplating that…


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