So I have spent the rest of my day being lazy and eating too much. I have been contemplating something lately after reading through a few different blogs. It’s the idea of eating “raw.” Now, I don’t think that at this stage I would go completely raw because of the fact that I am competing in about 9 weeks(SO CRAZY!!!) However, I am going to attempt to go as raw as possible and see how I like it. This means instead of cooking my oats, I am going to soak them. Raw vegetables instead of cooked, and I am going to try to make smoothies(egg whites and fruit) as a means of getting my egg whites in without actually cooking them. The egg whites I buy are still pasteurized or something(I think, otherwise I’m not sure that it would say on the carton that you can drink them raw. It doesn’t say anything on the ingredient list other than “100% egg whites” so I will check out the website now and let you guys know.) Anyways, I am going to try this and see if I feel any different. I do not know much about eating raw but what I have read has enticed me, and as you guys know, I am my own guinea pig. The only way I will know for sure is if I try it myself. I will probably still have a cooked meal in the evening(chicken or egg white omelette) because I really have to make sure I am getting my protein in. I need to grow as much as possible before I begin my lean-down on June 1st. I will be cutting out my greek yogurt(L) but may have to keep my cooked asparagus in there because I LOVE it and I don’t know that you can eat asparagus raw?? If you can then let me know and I’ll do it!!


Any advice from any of you raw foodies out there would be GREATLY appreciated. Looking for ways to get RAW protein, so throw me some ideas!! Thank you much!!

I leave you with this picture tonight because it is what I would rather be doing right now!!(even though my neck Is still killing me!!)


3 thoughts on “RAW FOOD

  1. Jehanne says:

    Yes – you can eat asp raw – its yummy – I eat it raw anyway – and sometimes I’ll amke protein shakes out of eggwhite with a dash of van ess and prot powder for taste!


  2. Kristen's Raw says:

    You might get a little bloated from the raw veggies depending on the kinds you eat. And, if you’re not used to a lot of fiber, that can be a little bit of a transition, too. 🙂

    I commend you on adding fresh whole plant foods to your diet! WHOO-HOO!



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