Sorry for the lack of posting!! It’s finals week, so I’ve been studying(a.k.a going to the lake, working out, and avoiding school at all costs.) But things have been going great! My brother got home yesterday and is back at work with my dad and seems to be doing pretty well. We just have to keep a good eye on him.

Reese was asking me about my carb intake. Generally, I try to stay around 200, but that rarely happens. My body responds best to a high protein, moderate carb, low fat diet. I usually end up eating about 180 g protein, 250g carbs, and 25 g. fat. I also cycle carbs though, so some days i will have 250 and other days more like 100. It all evens out and I am still losing fat. I know that I am way too low with the fats and should swap some of the carb calories with fat calories but its hard for me to do. It is something I have been working on. When I start my lean-down diet (7 weeks out from my show) My carb intake will be much different. For now though, this is what works.

Today after boxing, i was dragging ass into the weight room. I was trying to talk myself out of doing weight training. (“If i skip today i can just finish my weight split saturday…..maybe i will just do biceps today….blah blah blah”) Finally I looked in the mirror and said to myself STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH AND DO IT. I ended up getting a GREAT shoulder/bicep workout. Absolutely smashed my muscles! It was great. Afterwards I got in my hour of cardio on the treadmill and I feel awesome. A few finals today, one more tomorrow and I’M DONE!!!!

Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “ahh

  1. Rebecca says:

    I just read your comment on priorfatgirls page about the sour patch kids and my mouth lterally started to water. Mmm…why are they so delicious!

    Great job with that work out! I had a similar one myself today. Ah..it feels awesome doesn’t it?!


  2. Sohee says:

    Ahhh good luck on finals! I don’t have mine for another three weeks.. I don’t get out until June. Ick.

    When is the show you’re planning on doing?


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