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Hey guys don’t have much time but wanted to get a post in! This morning boxing was great! It left me d.e.a.d. I was going to do legs afterwards, but decided I wouldn’t get a great leg workout today so I did triceps instead. It was a pretty good workout, and legs will be done tomorrow with my trainer to ensure a paralyzing workout 🙂

Finished up with an hour on the treadmill. 45 minutes incline walking, and i mixed up the last 15 minutes with backwards incline walking(i always get weird looks for doing this but its great for the quads!), and some jogging.

Food today has been boring: Egg whites, oats, almond butter, 1/2 banana, 2 apples, 23904823 strawberries(like 70 of them..not kidding i counted.) 2 oikos plain 0%, grapefruit

That has been since I woke up at 530 this morning ha NOT all at one time. I ate a ton of veggies yesterday (2 bags of asparagus) so i wasn’t in the mood this morning, but i will be getting them in after my first final today and then at dinner as well. Egg whites and asparagus has been my go-to dinner lately. 2 full cups of egg whites(which is like 8 egg whites) and a whole bag of asparagus(45 calories total…vegetables are like God’s gift to man..you can eat and eat and eat and the calories just DONT add up haha)

My brother is doing much better. We visited him last night and also had a family meeting with a counselor there. We expressed our concerns and from what he says, he doesn’t ever want to get back into that and doesn’t want to be around those people. I can only pray that he is being sincere and not just telling us what we want to here. I also pray that the effects of the hell-hole he is living in right now has lasting effects so that he will not want to get back into the drugs. This whole experience has shown how close my family really is. We all have pulled together and would do anything for eachother and I am SO grateful to have a family like that. Although this is a terrible time for us, it has been nice to be able to be with everyone so much. My family is the best, even though we are as disfunctional as they come(seriously i can’t even begin to explain the messed up things that have gone on in my family…addictions, violence, addictions, ADDICTIONS..) but we always seem to pull together and get through it all. We are strong people and I know that my brother can fight through this. He seems very optimistic about going to the NA meetings and all of the IOP meetings. Thanks again for everyones prayers and wishes. They are appreciated MORE than i can express here!!!


One thought on “quick post

  1. fittingbackin says:

    Great workout!! Yes, wise choice on not doing legs – wow!

    I’m so glad your brother is better!! And that’s it bringing your family even closer. Yay!!


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