Thank you EVERYONE for the prayers and warm wishes. I visited my brother again yesterday and he is doing MUCH better.(Also on a lot more medication i believe, but better, regardless.) We brought him some books and games because they literally have nothing to do there. He was in much better spirits and he proved to me just how strong he was. Saturday night when we visited him, he was begging for us to take him out of there and crying and hugging us and holding us. Sunday when we were there, he was upbeat(as much as he could be in that situation) and joking around with us. I said “Ben, you seem like your doing okay in here now…..” and he said “Well, I realized I am going to have to be here, so I might as well make the best of it.” That is so inspiring to me, because I try to live my life in that way. Making the best of any circumstances. We got that from our mom. She is a person who, although she struggles with her own addictions and problems, can make anyone laugh when they are sad or upset. She can bring the best out of ANY situation. For example…a few years ago when my dog died, she had to call my sister to tell her…the conversation went like this…..

Mom: “Hi Rachel, I just wanted to let you know that we had to put Rocky to sleep today….”
Rachel: “Oh my gosh (sobbing)…etc.etc.(you get the point..)”
Mom: “But don’t worry, he left you a million dollars in his will!”

Anyways, I am really proud of my brother and I know he will get through this. I just have to pray that he won’t relapse. I think and hope he is smarter than that.

As far as food, I have actually been eating like my normal self through all this. I didn’t have the desire to eat crappy foods and I handled my stress well. Saturday I didn’t work out because we were at the hospital all day, but yesterday I did get a hike in and some volleyball. Today will be back and abs with an hour of cardio! Sounds delish.

Have a good day!


One thought on “Better

  1. Angela says:

    Hey! Im glad your brother is getting help 🙂

    I posted the other day that my brother is doing the same thing…but he, on the other hand, does not think that there is anything wrong with what he is doing and he doesn’t need help. Mind you that my brother is 32 years old! It breaks my heart because i know what a great person he is when he is “normal” but unfortunately, we dont get to see that side of him too often….and i really wish that he would get help…but until he is ready to admit that he has a problem, there is nothing we can do! Which really sucks! Im glad that your brother has enough sense to know that he has a problem and he is getting a hold of it now while he is still young 🙂 I wish mine did! But i still have hope for him!

    You are in my thoughts 🙂


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