Feeling great!

Good morning bloggers! I guess it isn’t really morning anymore, but oh well.

This weekend was great. I hung out with my sister, her boyfriend and my friend Mike on Saturday night. We went to Zipp’s and played shuffleboard, and then went back to their condo and hung out for the night.

Sunday I woke up and made a trip to Whole Foods with my dad. I just got some produce, almond butter, and my thick rolled oats. I like the texture better than just regular rolled oats. After Whole Foods, I hiked Camelback with Jorge and Rick. Jorge and I beat our record time and got to the top in 29 minutes!! Our goal is 25, but it was hard yesterday, so it will take some time. My legs always feel like jello when we get to the top. I am bummed that it is getting so hot outside, soon enough the 100’s will be here and it is just going to be brutal. All the more reason to spend the days at the lake though!!

This morning I met with my trainer and I did shoulders and legs. He had me do a bunch of different shoulder exercises, leg press, and about one million sets of walking lunges. No realy though. Between every shoulder exercise, I had to do 12(6 per side) walking lunges with 27.5 pound dumbbells in each hand. 9 shoulder exercises=9 sets of walking lunges. I better feel that tomorrow! Afterwards, I got on the arc trainer(wanted to do the treadmill but i have a blister on my heel from rollerblading, so trying to let that heal). I was on for about 30 minutes, when SMELL MAN got on the machine next to me. This guy sweats PROFUSELY. As in, it looks like there is mist coming off of his body(i think there actually is….) He is DRENCHD. Puddles form underneath him wherever he is. It is gross, and he smells bad too. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to take a class with her I was all for it! The class was called The Mix. It was really really hard! Most group classes are somewhat challegning but not killer for me, but this one was pretty damn good! I will likely go again next Monday. Something different and I love mixing it up!

Today I am working and then going to the Diamondbacks/Cubs game with my dad. My family is from Chicago, so it is kind of a win/win situation for us. If either team wins, we’re happy! Haha, I know I am being a bad D-Bax fan…oops 🙂

Have a great day!!


One thought on “Feeling great!

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    eeewww….that man sounds so gross! I wonder if some people are just oblivious to what they are really like? GROSS!


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